Motivational Monday

I have been thinking a lot lately about what it means to be a leader. It is not a title that everyone chooses to have, sometimes it falls into your lap and sometimes it is earned. Still others it is something that you have worked toward.

As a kid I was a natural leader as a big sister and was always the first to volunteer for things.  I am still very similar in that sense. Lately I have been in the presence of someone who has the potential to become a leader but falls short. This person thinks they are destined for the title but I don’t agree. I think being a leader has a lot to do with your attitude and actions. All of this has been a wake up call for me as I have never thought about leadership being a negative thing. It brought me to a bigger dilemma which is default leadership.

I wish we lived in an ideal world where anyone can be a leader or better yet, we wouldn’t need them. Unfortunately we are not in Utopia and that is something we will probably never experience on Earth. It has made me think about volunteering for leadership positions because I would struggle with someone always trying to take my place or simply ignoring my ideas.

I thought further and realized that is the trick to being a good leader. In my opinion, a good leader is someone who can take those things in stride and instead of letting a small annoyance or setback get them down, they keep on going and lead with a good example. There are so many great examples in my life and they are inspirational to me. I would like to be more like them in my life in many ways, but three ways that I would like to improve this year are:

1. Stay away from the gossip- this is a tough one!

2. Keep a positive attitude even if you are a little doubtful at times.

3. Listen to others with the attention you would like to receive.

I think these changes are good for anyone to make, but I know they are personally something I can work on.

Q: What kinds of leadership qualities to do possess and what could you work on?




Sleep fail = Tuesday Motivation

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Do you ever have those days when you wake up at 3:30am for no apparent reason? That is my morning so far.  I woke up to use the restroom and I did everything right, I kept the lights off, I didn’t open my eyes all the way, and tried to fall back asleep.  Nope, not today.  I’m not particularly angry about it although I’m sure tonight around 8:00pm while driving home from school I will be in a wonderful mood.  I’m not the happiest person when I am tired or hungry. (That being said, I never have been able to sleep the night before school starts!)

In the meantime I thought I would catch you up on my life.  I was intending to post about Supercross yesterday but it turns out I lost my phone there on Saturday and I don’t have the pictures to show you.  It’s a shame too because I finally got my act together and took some very cute pics.  I’m mostly upset about one that a nice lade took of all of us. Sad smile I didn’t get one of those last year and as soon as she took the picture I sent it to my Mom, Dad and sister but none of them got it! The reception there is horrible.  I also tried to upload a couple to Facebook and Instagram while there and they didn’t make it either.  Hopefully today Jamie will send me the pics she took and I will write a little post for you!

In other news, school starts again today and I can say with confidence that THIS is my official last semester of my undergrad!! I am taking one class on campus and another online and I know of at least one friend in my class so I am excited for that. 

I also got the wonderful news that my Financial Aid appeal was accepted! Woot woot!

Before I go to school this afternoon I will be going to work this morning, and starting with a meeting where I will meet most of the people who do not come in every day and  also learn some cool stuff. In addition I have some errands to run and hopefully I will get my phone today during the two hours I will be home.


In lieu of missing Motivational Monday I thought I would throw some Tuesday goodness your way. 











I hope you all have a great Tuesday and you find that one of these quotes made you smile.



Motivational Monday

There are very few people who wake up on a Monday morning with a smile on their face.  I’ve been there. Weather you are unhappy with your job, are not a morning person or maybe just wanted a longer weekend.  Getting up and preparing for the week can be hard.  Even Sunday night can be drag knowing what is coming.

That is why I have decided to do Motivational Mondays.  Sometimes we all need a little boost or laugh to get us going.  There are many tips to making it easier as well.

Tip: Make a Sunday night tradition that will help you go to bed happy.

You can do so many things; make a game night, have a family discussion about your highs and lows of the week, have a movie night, take a long walk, take a Sunday night bath, have a guilt free hour of reading, do a puzzle, write down your weekly goals, write down your problems/worries and pray about them.

There are so many different things that make us happy, the point is to pick one and make it something to look forward too.  You can also do that for Monday nights so that your day goes by quickly.

Here is some motivation to get you going today:









Have a great Monday!

Q: How do you psyche yourself up for the week?