Holiday Season Festivities

My promises are not meant to be illusory, but apparently I am full of them.  Boy do I miss blogging and now that I am done with my first semester I am feeling so guilty! I really wanted to blog but my days were so full.  I think next semester will be full as well but now I know what to expect and maybe can plan better. I think after football season my study and blogging habits will both increase.

Have I told you what my schedule was like? Yesterday was my last final and the week prior was dead week so I only went to campus twice, but normally I would leave home before 7:00am and get off work at 4:00pm. 9/10 days I would go straight to school and had class M-Th until either 8:30 or 9:30. Often times if my class ended earlier I would stay and study. On the weekends we have been going to the Raiders games and I have attempted to catch up on anything that I could but a few weekends were homework only.

Today is my first day of FREEDOM for 1 month! We are having a lazy morning watching football and in a couple of hours we are heading to Golden Gate Fields to watch some horse racing on Dollar Day!

I have a few recent pics below to keep you interested!

Our tree that we finally got last night post final:

Tree 2013

It’s about 6 feet but this picture makes it look smaller 🙂 Here is a picture from this morning, Wally is pushing his fate….

Wally under tree 

I have not allowed myself to do many Christmasy things so that I don’t distract myself from studying, but I have let myself indulge a few times:


How could I not when it looks like this outside most days?

Foggy SF morning

Here is a glimpse into my Sunday when the Raiders are in town:

Raiders Tailgate

Our group makes THE BEST tailgate food, ever. I followed the following recipe one day, OMG it was so good!pullapartbread3 

I hope everyone enjoys their Sunday and if you celebrate holidays, I hope you get into the spirit today if you haven’t already.  We are already full blown Christmas at work, I will post some pics this week. Our office Christmas party is Friday and I still need to find a gift. Other things coming up on my agenda:

  • Saturday at Mom’s house
  • Sunday- Raiders game
  • The following week we have an office pot luck and raffle
  • December 19-21, romantic weekend away in Sonoma
  • Christmas week mayhem
  • New Years in LA
  • Girls Tahoe weekend
  • School starts again :/

Phew! OK, now that you know way too much about my definite plans, I also intend to bake a lot of goodies and if I can, but probably not, I would like to craft a bit. I have a Santa bottle project in my periphery.

Q: What craft projects have you been undertaking this holiday season?



Golden Gate Dean’s Reception

Most importantly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wonderful sister Jen! xoxo

Yesterday I went to Golden Gate Law for the Dean’s Reception.  I had an AWESOME experience!

I got into the city early and met up with Joseph for a quick dinner before he headed back home and I headed over to GGU.  I arrived before anyone else, including the staff and faculty. I was surprised as I was only 20 minutes early.  About a minute after I put my nametag on the associate admissions director came in and we started chatting before the Dean came in.  They were both so wonderful and very easy to talk too! It was so cool to have them to myself for a few minutes.  Soon enough people began piling in and among other admitted students were current students, alumni, professors, a financial aid counselor and administrative staff.

We began with a speech by one of the deans before Dean Van Cleave engaged us in a mock lecture.  It was short and sweet but very interesting!  Then each person who wasn’t a newly admitted student got a chance to speak about their roles at GGU so we knew who to talk to afterward.  Immediately following we split into tour groups and ended up at the reception.  There were refreshments and we had a chance to pick everyone’s brains and to introduce ourselves to them.  There were probably 20 new students and only 4-5 of us were evening students.  I met a few really cool people and I hope to meet up with them soon!

I took full advantage and asked a lot of questions and I REALLY loved the feeling I got from the people there.  They seemed genuinely interested in each student and happy to talk to us.  It made me think I may rather go there. Now I have a dilemma (sort of).  If USF accepts me, I will be torn.  Until last night I was certain I would choose USF without question should I have the choice.  At least now I know I will be happy no matter what!!!

My concern is based on picking the place that will be best suited for me and there really is no way of knowing that. Can you say stressful? Can you say first world problems?

Any advice?



Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket List


Can you believe it’s May already? Don’t get me wrong, I love the spring and will be begging for more spring like weather once July hits, but I am excited about the summer!  Yesterday while on Instagram I saw something called a Summer Bucket List and thought it would be really fun to create one!  Come to find out, they are kind of a big deal. Who knew?

Mine looks something like this:

  • Visit the new Exploratorium in SF- apparently they have an adult night? HOLD ON, shit. just. got. real. It’s called After Dark: First Thursdays, sign me up!!
  • Go camping in Yosemite.  I have lived close to Yosemite my whole life and have NEVER once been there.  FAIL, Mom and Dad, fail.


  • Get back into shape by the time law school starts.  I have already been working out for a few weeks now and have seen improvement in my running and as an added bonus, my legs aren’t so scary white anymore! HA HA
  • Go to the county fair, which I have heard only good things!
  • FINALLY start reading the Harry Potter series. Harry Potter Books







  • Go Kayaking in McCovey Cove during a Giants game.

McCovey Cove

So far that is all I can think of! I know I will do many other fun things but they are all things that I would do anyway, and these things are extra fun activities that I have been wanting to do and haven’t!

Q: What is on your Summer Bucket List?



Big Moments…

In life there are a few really big moment that you can look back on like getting engaged, getting married, graduating college, having a baby, etc.  Well I have a big moment to share with y’all…


I am so excited and proud of myself for working hard and never giving up.  (To read my journey you can click here.)  I was accepted into Golden Gate University and wait listed for Santa Clara and USF.  Obviously I am thrilled that I will be going somewhere for sure, but would just love it if USF would accept me before I have to pay my seat deposits at Golden Gate.  The only reason is because I have always LOVED USF, but I am honored to be accepted at GG and would be so proud to go there as well.

This is yet another first step for me, but it is the last “first” I will ever have in college (well besides graduating!). I have been waiting for this for what seems like forever, but do feel a bit sad to close this chapter.  I have come to adore my friends and Professors at CSU Stanislaus and will be forever grateful for these past two years.  Graduation is 1 month away!!

I will keep you updated on things as they happen; as for now I am going to focus on my last 3 papers as an undergrad and try to enjoy the little time I have left before the law school nightmares begin.  4 more years and I will be done, but then what will my plan be? Work? HAHAHAHA yeah right, you know I will have something grandiose planned out! Who knows what!

I would like to thank every single person who reads my blog, you have given me a wonderful outlet and I love sharing this with you! I would also like to thank my friends and family for always supporting and believing in me. I especially want to thank Joseph.  Without him I would be so incomplete and his unwavering support and love mean the world to me!

Q: What has been your biggest life accomplishment to date?



Dream big

Good Morning lovelies!

I am up bright and early as we went to bed at the wild and crazy hour of 8:30!  We were exhausted and barely made it to then. 

This weekend we got to hang out together without any work/homework for a change. It was like a vacation!  Yesterday we went to the Raiders game and saw our friends who said they missed us during the NLCS!


Last week I received my LSAT score, let’s just say I was a little disappointed in myself.  All is not lost, I will still be applying to schools, and I may take it again in February if I feel I need to.  It did get me thinking however.  I haven’t always wanted to become a lawyer.  This process is tedious and really made me evaluate the reasons that I am doing this.

As a kid, my mother always told me that I would be a lawyer and I never wanted to hear it.  I always thought if I couldn’t be a singer or a pro dirt biker, I would be a dentist.  That dream lasted for almost 5 years!  When I was in high school I decided that it wasn’t my passion and somehow decided that I wanted to become a Fashion Buyer.  After high school I went to FIDM (The Fashion Institute for Design and Merchandising) in San Francisco and graduated with an AA in Merchandise Marketing.  At that point I knew that I needed to get a BA in order to get a job that would become a career and applied to several universities in California.  When NONE of them accepted me, I was told that FIDM did not have the right kind of accreditation to transfer.  I was a little more than angry.  That was my first question to the admissions worker upon applying to FIDM, “can I transfer into a 4 year?”  Yes was the answer, no was the outcome.  Unfortunately, almost all of my girlfriends at school were in the same situation.  Many of their parents decided to take part in a class action suit, that we decided not to get involved in.  I had two choices, start over, or work as a sales associate somewhere at the mall.  I couldn’t see myself as a store manager so I decided to start over. 

At this point, my parents were in Valley Springs and I was looking into community college, I decided not to move back as they were not very close to any of them.  Joe had been at Cal Poly for two years and I had fallen in love with SLO.  It was an easy choice and I already knew of someone looking to sublet for the summer.  With $300 I packed my life into the Talon and moved down.  Luckily for me, the apartment was furnished and I had prepaid for 3 months.  My plan was simple, find a job, find a place to live, and enroll in Cuesta college.  Just an FYI, I don’t know that I would be so optimistic at this point in my life, LOL! I guess being 19 has its benefits.  Within two weeks I was hired at GMK, the law office that changed my life.  I also found an apartment and a roomie, who had everything that I didn’t, kitchen gadgets and living room furniture.  I coaxed my friend Josh into picking up a mattress and I was ready to go!  By the time Joe moved back for school I was settled in and not far from his house.  I started classes a month prior to him, and I don’t think he knew what to think.  He knew about my moving down there, of course I asked if he was ok with it, but I don’t know if he expected my life to turn around so quickly. 

For the next few years I worked by day and went to Cuesta at night.  I met and fell in love with my GMK family, who have made me a better person all around.  After a couple years Joe and I moved in together.  We were happy to be together and I was happy with my life.  I had clear goals and I was working hard to get there. 

When I started at Cuesta they did not have a marketing department, so I decided to take communication courses and transfer into marketing when I could.  Then it all changed.  As I was going through my general education courses I took a history class from a very special teacher.  Mr. Barclay was passionate about his classes.  He loved what he did and we all noticed.  It was only a coincidence that it was a history course.  I also happened to like history, but I didn’t ever make the connection.  I decided to re-evaluate my goals and at first I thought it would be political science, and then economics.  I didn’t change my major, I was just looking further into some of my classes and doing some research.  One day it hit me like a ton a bricks.  I wanted to major in something that I liked, and not something that I thought I could get a job with.  I went to visit my advisor and tweaked my plan to transfer as a history student.  I thought I could get a teaching credential or an MBA and decided what I wanted to do later. 

When the time came to apply to universities again I was a little worried.  I had done it once before and I was anxious to move on to the next step.  I only applied to two schools because Joe and I wanted to move back home.  If jobs were easy to come by in SLO we probably would have stayed there.  I was also secretly looking into law schools because I had become very interested in that topic since working at GMK.  I was not ready to say it out loud to my coworkers or my mother but I was pretty sure that was what I wanted to do.  I had been at GMK for over 4 years and I knew what the lifestyle entailed.  I was interested in the cases, and I loved the atmosphere of the company.  I don’t think I told anyone except Joe, Jen, and Lauren. 

A few weeks went by and I got my acceptance packet from CSU Stanislaus and I was pumped!  Just a few weeks after that I announced my plans to my coworkers and we moved to Ripon.  Much to my dismay, my acceptance letter from UOP arrived after we moved and took almost 3 weeks to get to our new address.  I opened it the day after orientation and four days before school started.  I got over it and made the best of my situation.  CSU Stan has become a great place to be and I have come to love my department and peers. 

Csu Stan sign

The point of this story is to remind myself what I have been through in order to achieve my dreams.  I am not there yet, but I am well on my way.  If you think that the score of one little test is going to shake me, then you have got the wrong idea. 

Over the years my plan has evolved, and I have worked too hard to let it all go.

This situation has also made me think about what I would do if everything was different.  Maybe I would be an interior designer, or a house flipper! Think Nicole Curtis and Dina Manzo. 

If you were free to start over and do anything you wanted to do, what would it be?