Holiday Season Festivities

My promises are not meant to be illusory, but apparently I am full of them.  Boy do I miss blogging and now that I am done with my first semester I am feeling so guilty! I really wanted to blog but my days were so full.  I think next semester will be full as well but now I know what to expect and maybe can plan better. I think after football season my study and blogging habits will both increase.

Have I told you what my schedule was like? Yesterday was my last final and the week prior was dead week so I only went to campus twice, but normally I would leave home before 7:00am and get off work at 4:00pm. 9/10 days I would go straight to school and had class M-Th until either 8:30 or 9:30. Often times if my class ended earlier I would stay and study. On the weekends we have been going to the Raiders games and I have attempted to catch up on anything that I could but a few weekends were homework only.

Today is my first day of FREEDOM for 1 month! We are having a lazy morning watching football and in a couple of hours we are heading to Golden Gate Fields to watch some horse racing on Dollar Day!

I have a few recent pics below to keep you interested!

Our tree that we finally got last night post final:

Tree 2013

It’s about 6 feet but this picture makes it look smaller 🙂 Here is a picture from this morning, Wally is pushing his fate….

Wally under tree 

I have not allowed myself to do many Christmasy things so that I don’t distract myself from studying, but I have let myself indulge a few times:


How could I not when it looks like this outside most days?

Foggy SF morning

Here is a glimpse into my Sunday when the Raiders are in town:

Raiders Tailgate

Our group makes THE BEST tailgate food, ever. I followed the following recipe one day, OMG it was so good!pullapartbread3 

I hope everyone enjoys their Sunday and if you celebrate holidays, I hope you get into the spirit today if you haven’t already.  We are already full blown Christmas at work, I will post some pics this week. Our office Christmas party is Friday and I still need to find a gift. Other things coming up on my agenda:

  • Saturday at Mom’s house
  • Sunday- Raiders game
  • The following week we have an office pot luck and raffle
  • December 19-21, romantic weekend away in Sonoma
  • Christmas week mayhem
  • New Years in LA
  • Girls Tahoe weekend
  • School starts again :/

Phew! OK, now that you know way too much about my definite plans, I also intend to bake a lot of goodies and if I can, but probably not, I would like to craft a bit. I have a Santa bottle project in my periphery.

Q: What craft projects have you been undertaking this holiday season?




Crafts and decorations

Hey ya’ll!

I hope each one of you has had a good weekend.  Mine has been pretty good (except for horrible neck issues). 

During the day on Friday I worked on some of my Christmas crafts, and one that I started last year for myself and left to finish this year.  I have a smaller one to work on still, but this is what I have so far:

Pinecone tree

It is a pinecone topiary that I found on Something Sweet Designs.  She did a feature on one of my favorite blogs, Under the Table and Dreaming last year and I pinned it to my craft page.  The instructions are easy to follow. The only thing that I did differently was so use spray adhesive instead of Mod Podge. It was fast drying and I already had it handy.

On Friday night Jen and I finally went to see Breaking Dawn Part 2. We wanted to wait for the crowds to die down because I am a very impatient person in the theater. Despite our plan, the theatre was full, but they were respectful and quiet.  The movie tricked me and I was a little mad for a few minutes but then it was better. (If you read the book then you will know what I mean!)

Yesterday was Joe’s work Christmas party. We went to Campo di Bocce in Livermore. It was fantastic! The food was really good, and we had so much fun playing Bocce Ball.  I’m sure the alcohol helped us a little, but we will definitely go back!  I highly recommend it.  Afterward, we picked up our Christmas tree! It is about 6’ and perfect for our designated area.

xmas tree 2012

Later on we went for a late night soup search and ended up at Tomatina’s in Dublin.

Today we hung our Christmas lights and I did some reading. It is so nice to read for fun!! I also started to organize some of the leftover boxes that I have been ignoring. They are full of books so they were really no rush.  I have no plans for tonight, watch football and read. What a life!

What did you do this weekend? Did you decorate or craft?



Home sweet home

When someone says home, do you think of where you currently live? Do you envision your parent’s house?  Most of you know that I recently moved and of course it takes a while to feel at home.  This place is oddly comforting and I felt home almost immediately. 

Since high school I have moved A LOT! 9 times to be exact, wow.  That is just what happens when you are in college and only sign one year leases! To be fair, not all of the moves were my idea.  The first was with my whole family to my parent’s current house.  I lived there for a very brief time before moving to San Francisco for school.  That made an interesting notion of home for me because my parent’s house was one that I did not have a bedroom in, and in a town that I was unfamiliar with.  Fortunately I moved into my great grandmother’s home in SF and that felt much more comforting.  After a couple of years I moved to SLO.  The first place was a sub-let with people that I knew, so that was nice as well.  Unlike many people, I did not have any furniture of my own yet, so everything in the place was unfamiliar. After that I had two apartments in SLO.  The second, with Joe was our first place that we lived without roommates. We lived there for over 2 years and it really felt like home to us.  We loved that tiny little place so much!

When we ventured back up north we lived with Joe’s mom for a few months and then into the first house that we rented.  I also loved that house except for the mice, and the distance to everything.  The inside was cozy and I felt home there as well.  After that we moved into Joe’s grandparent’s house for a few months as they were out of the country and needed someone to care for their things.  Then we moved here.  I still haven’t gotten half of the furniture we need, so no more pictures for y’all until I decorate for Christmas. SORRY!

The point is, yesterday I was at my parent’s house and my Mom has begun to decorate for Christmas! Now that they have been there for a long time it feels like home to me.  Here are some pics that I took:

xmas 2012 mom's tree

xmas 2012 mom's santa and mrs claus

Below is one of the wreaths that I made as Christmas gifts for my family members last year, obviously this one is for my Mom!

wreath for mom 2011

I also snapped a quick picture of my favorite pet, Stewart! He is six months old already!!

Stewart 6 months

He is such a big boy now! 

Everyone have a safe day with the crazy storm.

Question of the day: Where do you feel most at home?