The calm before the storm

Well hello there!

I hope everyone is having a happy Friday! (I’m writing this in anticipation of my Friday and it will publish while I’m at work…but don’t worry I’m too busy to do this at work and I never would!!)

It’s been quite a while so here is a recap on me. I’m about to go into my fourth and last year at USF Law as a part-time student. It’s been a long time coming! I’m starting to think about bar prep now but can’t really do anything about it until January because my Fall is going to be a busy one.

I’m currently working as a paralegal at a civil litigation firm, mostly focusing on employment law. I’ve been here for a little under a year and was so fortunate to find it. This is the area of law that I have pictured myself practicing and I am able to be immersed in it every day and to see some of the best attorneys at my firm and learn from them. I’m so happy to report that after being here, this kind of practice is still at the top of my list and it didn’t scare me away! I was afraid that transitioning out of the workers’ comp world would not be everything I hoped it would be, but it is and I’m so glad.

I am also interning this Fall at my local District Attorney’s office, which is a major change for me. I’m so lucky to have taken my summer course, Trial Advocacy and the Ethical Prosecutor because it directly led to this opportunity. My professor is a veteran prosecutor and offered me a position in homicide, I could not turn that down. It’s a position that many people would love to have and I don’t know how I was able to swing it but I did. I’ve only been there one day so far, but it was amazing. Everything about criminal practice is different than civil. Part of me thinks I might really love it but who knows! I’ll try to keep you posted. The prospect of falling in love with another part of the law has rocked my world this summer because I have to start planning my post bar strategies differently should I decide to pursue it. It’s far to early to tell if it is something I’d actually want to do so I’m not going to go too far down that rabbit hole at this point.

Finally, I’m still taking four classes Monday-Thursday after work and my internship. I’ll be in Mediation, California Civil Procedure, Legal Drafting, and Trial Practice. All will be intensive but thank God I only have one final. Classes start on Monday and I have about 8-9 hours worth of homework to do this weekend 🙂 In about 9 months I’ll never have to take a final or worry about homework again. Only the real homework that you get paid to do, not the work you pay to do.

Enough about my professional life, my personal life is great as well. I’m going to be an Auntie this Fall and I’m so excited to meet my niece! She’s supposed to be here at the end of October, so it’s getting close. My sister and the baby girl are both doing well. I was able to feel her kick me two weekends ago when I visited and it was so special. I love that little peanut so much already. I crafted a sign for the baby shower that I’ll have to share with you guys soon.

Joe is doing well also. He has had one of the busiest summers of his life with work and has been working late hours and weekends. I hope he gets some relief soon because he is a little burnt out.

Some notable events this year include my 30th birthday this week, a trip to Universal Studios Hollywood to see Harry Potter, camping, and a trip to Arizona for the Giants spring training. I’ll leave you with a highlight real until next time!





Beautiful Mess

Hey there! Well, my life has been as hectic as I thought it would be.  I am pretty exhausted but so happy! 

I just love working at my company again.  I have been getting emails and phone calls from people in other offices that remember me to say Hi or congratulations, and it is so great to be back.  We are still getting the office set up but every day feels more normal.  I am getting back into the swing of it and adjusting to the new commute.  I have went to bed early every day this week, hence no blogging.

I will be gone this weekend as well, but I am grateful to have every second of my busy life.  Another added bonus has been having an hour at lunch to read, I started Harry Potter and I am about finished with the first book.  I would do a book review, but I don’t think I need to for that one!

Hope all is well!



Busy Bee

Good Morning Friends!

I can’t decide whether this week dragged on or flew by, can I say it did both?  At points it felt that way!

Yesterday I decided to start waking up early to get my body ready for my new job since I will be leaving my house at 6:00 am- yikes!  It’s all good though because my boss is so thoughtful giving me the 7-4 knowing I will have time to eat and make it to school on time.  I am hoping if we move closer to that area Joe and I will be able to eat together every night since my classes will start at 6:30, but we’ll see.

Last night my friend Jessah and I accompanied our friend Crystal to her dress fitting for her upcoming wedding in Hawaii.  It was so beautiful at J’amie Bridal in Pleasanton!  They lived up to the hype of having GORGEOUS dresses with reasonable prices. I am ready to go back and pick one out for myself, lol. No but seriously they carry my favorite designer Maggie Sottero– I was in heaven.  I mean check this dress out:

 Maggie Sottero's mission is to make dreams a reality for every Maggie Sottero bride by delivering innovative designs, superior quality and best-in-class service.

Maggie Sottero's mission is to make dreams a reality for every Maggie Sottero bride by delivering innovative designs, superior quality and best-in-class service.


No worries though, I didn’t try anything except a veil or two on (I couldn’t help it they were CALLING MY NAME!)  Jessah however tried on several even though she isn’t engaged (or dating anyone), I wish I could be more like her!! I felt like it was Crystal’s day and I really don’t want to jinx it.  PLUS I want my sisters and Mom there for my first dress.  I know, I’m a weirdo.

Besides the festivities, I have been planning my next few weeks and finally working on that damn paper.  I should turn it in my tonight if I stop blogging long enough this morning to make a dent in it.  Tomorrow morning we are going to our friend Eric’s law school graduation at Santa Clara University.  We are so proud of him, such a smarty pants!  We are going to his party afterward where I am told we will party until the wee hours of the morning.  I have a feeling it will be a very long day, but with the company involved it will fly by and I know we will have a blast.  Can’t wait!

I’m not sure what we have in store for Sunday or Monday yet, and I don’t know if Joe is taking Monday off or not.  I am for sure and I see a day of desk organization and reading in my future Smile  Next week is my busy week. 

Wednesday May 29- Graduation Practice

Thursday May 30- LAST DAY OF WORK & pack grad + wedding stuff to go out to the rehearsal dinner

Friday May 31- Graduation (I have to be there at 7:00am LAME) Party! Woot woot

Saturday June 1- Garrett & Cortney’s Wedding Smile

Wednesday June 5- Fly to LA to train

Thurday/Friday June 6-7- Train & fly home

Monday June 10- Start at the new office!!

I have Monday and Tuesday (3rd-4th) off-I intend to go shopping for a couple new work shirts because I seem to have only long sleeved for some reason. 

Think I have an exciting couple of weeks planned? Well to add to the excitement one of our best friends and his gf (who I ADORE and can tell will soon become one of our bffs) is moving home next week from St. Louis. WE. CAN’T. WAIT.  AHHH I see so much fun in our future!

Ok, now on to that paper before work!



Big Announcement!

Hey guess what? I quit my job today because…I was hired at the beloved law office I used to work for in their new location!

I am so excited to join the company again and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity.  I will be sad to leave my current job. Though I have only been there for 5 months, I have come to care for my coworkers and bosses and hope to keep in touch with them over the years.  They are wonderful people and so supportive of my journey.

I will keep you updated on my whereabouts and my new duties!



Sleep fail = Tuesday Motivation

***If you haven’t yet voted for the February Book Club selection please refer to this post. Even if you aren’t participating, we need your help! I will close the poll at the end of the day.

Do you ever have those days when you wake up at 3:30am for no apparent reason? That is my morning so far.  I woke up to use the restroom and I did everything right, I kept the lights off, I didn’t open my eyes all the way, and tried to fall back asleep.  Nope, not today.  I’m not particularly angry about it although I’m sure tonight around 8:00pm while driving home from school I will be in a wonderful mood.  I’m not the happiest person when I am tired or hungry. (That being said, I never have been able to sleep the night before school starts!)

In the meantime I thought I would catch you up on my life.  I was intending to post about Supercross yesterday but it turns out I lost my phone there on Saturday and I don’t have the pictures to show you.  It’s a shame too because I finally got my act together and took some very cute pics.  I’m mostly upset about one that a nice lade took of all of us. Sad smile I didn’t get one of those last year and as soon as she took the picture I sent it to my Mom, Dad and sister but none of them got it! The reception there is horrible.  I also tried to upload a couple to Facebook and Instagram while there and they didn’t make it either.  Hopefully today Jamie will send me the pics she took and I will write a little post for you!

In other news, school starts again today and I can say with confidence that THIS is my official last semester of my undergrad!! I am taking one class on campus and another online and I know of at least one friend in my class so I am excited for that. 

I also got the wonderful news that my Financial Aid appeal was accepted! Woot woot!

Before I go to school this afternoon I will be going to work this morning, and starting with a meeting where I will meet most of the people who do not come in every day and  also learn some cool stuff. In addition I have some errands to run and hopefully I will get my phone today during the two hours I will be home.


In lieu of missing Motivational Monday I thought I would throw some Tuesday goodness your way. 











I hope you all have a great Tuesday and you find that one of these quotes made you smile.