Post Bar

Hello hello hello!

How did four years just fly by? I feel like it was just yesterday that I applied to law school and somehow thought I would be able to blog and work full time and go to school at night. Who was I kidding??

I am happy to report that the last year has been nothing short of amazing. Starting with the addition of my niece, Peyton Faye. She is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever encountered and love her more than I could have imagined. Just look at her!!


I literally have hundreds of pictures of her. Then, somehow, Joseph and I got engaged in December!


Then…married! We tied the knot in May after over 14 years. It was a beautiful day and I’ll always remember how much love I felt.


Followed by a spectacular honeymoon in Sedona where we hiked, got massages, went to the Grand Canyon, and spent a day on a Razr ATV. We had the most fun and did not want to return to reality.


But, we had to return so I could graduate!!!


And then I spent the last 3 months at home, studying full time for the bar, which I took last week. This is what my office looked like the week before the bar.


Since then, I’ve been doing as little as possible. I have had a hard time relaxing… surprise surprise. I keep wanting to do something creative but really don’t feel like jumping back into my cook book scrapbook just yet. I walked around Hobby Lobby for a long time on Monday but wasn’t really inspired. Then I went to the library and got a book called Letters to a young lawyer by Alan Dershowitz. I have yet to open it. Finally, I was inspired last night to create a new project. So, I got out of bed at 12:45 am to begin. I hope to share it with you soon!

My post bar plan is to take August off to spend time with friends and family and to relax. I can’t work as an attorney until I pass the bar, and results don’t come in until November, so I am hoping to find some law clerk type work in September for a couple of months. With any luck, I’ll find something. I think I’ll start to blog again, I always loved it so much and have so much cooking and crafting to catch up on!

I missed this!!



Hello Goodbye

Good Morning!

I told you I would be busy!! I left on Thursday after work and got home last night after going with Crystal to get “the dress”.  WOO HOO!

First of all, I am saying goodbye to my undergraduate life and hello to law school.  That being said, I am also saying goodbye to Golden Gate and HELLO to  USF!!  I am so excited that I will be attending the school of my dreams, my first choice.  I would also like to say that GGU is a great school and anyone who attends will surely enjoy their time with the wonderful people who work and attend school there.

Friday was an amazing day and I am so thankful that I had my family there to support me as I graduated.

2013-05-31 10.40.28

Graduation Joseph and I

Graduation Family PictureGraduation Cake 2Graduation Cake

Jamie was taking a final during graduation and I know she felt sad about not being there, but I was so happy she rocked her final and I got to see her afterward.  She is the sweetest thing and I am so proud of her!Graduation me & JamieWe went out Friday night to celebrate with a few girlfriends and had a great time people watching and having a few cocktails.   Graduation Celebration

The next day we went to Garrett and Courtney’s wedding and had so much fun! This is a picture from the end of the night, my hair was so over by then!2013-06-01 20.58.45

Joe looked so handsome in the tux! We danced our behinds off and the next day I relaxed my behind on the boat with my Daddy and sisters while Joe went home. I left my phone because I knew I would probably drop it in the lake!

Yesterday morning my Mom and I went to a couple doctor’s appointments, went antique shopping, and enjoyed a little down time before I left to pick Crystal up.  Crystal and I got to the bridal shop right on time and chose several dresses for her to try on.  We saved the best for last (we knew it was her favorite), and she looked gorgeous in them all.  She bit the bullet and said YES to the dress.  It was the steal of the century and ended up costing HALF of the price shown on the tag, score!!! I am only posting this picture because her fiancé doesn’t know me and is NEVER on a computer, let alone online.  She lucked out as there are 3 of these dresses left in the U.S. and one in a nearby store was her size, I mean hello! What luck!

Crystal's Wedding Dress

Today I need to tackle some laundry and cleaning before our friends come over for a visit as they just moved to (or back to) California!  Tomorrow morning I will be driving to the airport before dawn so I need to get my beauty rest tonight!

I hope everyone had a great weekend and Congratulations to the graduates out there!



Busy Bee

Good Morning Friends!

I can’t decide whether this week dragged on or flew by, can I say it did both?  At points it felt that way!

Yesterday I decided to start waking up early to get my body ready for my new job since I will be leaving my house at 6:00 am- yikes!  It’s all good though because my boss is so thoughtful giving me the 7-4 knowing I will have time to eat and make it to school on time.  I am hoping if we move closer to that area Joe and I will be able to eat together every night since my classes will start at 6:30, but we’ll see.

Last night my friend Jessah and I accompanied our friend Crystal to her dress fitting for her upcoming wedding in Hawaii.  It was so beautiful at J’amie Bridal in Pleasanton!  They lived up to the hype of having GORGEOUS dresses with reasonable prices. I am ready to go back and pick one out for myself, lol. No but seriously they carry my favorite designer Maggie Sottero– I was in heaven.  I mean check this dress out:

 Maggie Sottero's mission is to make dreams a reality for every Maggie Sottero bride by delivering innovative designs, superior quality and best-in-class service.

Maggie Sottero's mission is to make dreams a reality for every Maggie Sottero bride by delivering innovative designs, superior quality and best-in-class service.


No worries though, I didn’t try anything except a veil or two on (I couldn’t help it they were CALLING MY NAME!)  Jessah however tried on several even though she isn’t engaged (or dating anyone), I wish I could be more like her!! I felt like it was Crystal’s day and I really don’t want to jinx it.  PLUS I want my sisters and Mom there for my first dress.  I know, I’m a weirdo.

Besides the festivities, I have been planning my next few weeks and finally working on that damn paper.  I should turn it in my tonight if I stop blogging long enough this morning to make a dent in it.  Tomorrow morning we are going to our friend Eric’s law school graduation at Santa Clara University.  We are so proud of him, such a smarty pants!  We are going to his party afterward where I am told we will party until the wee hours of the morning.  I have a feeling it will be a very long day, but with the company involved it will fly by and I know we will have a blast.  Can’t wait!

I’m not sure what we have in store for Sunday or Monday yet, and I don’t know if Joe is taking Monday off or not.  I am for sure and I see a day of desk organization and reading in my future Smile  Next week is my busy week. 

Wednesday May 29- Graduation Practice

Thursday May 30- LAST DAY OF WORK & pack grad + wedding stuff to go out to the rehearsal dinner

Friday May 31- Graduation (I have to be there at 7:00am LAME) Party! Woot woot

Saturday June 1- Garrett & Cortney’s Wedding Smile

Wednesday June 5- Fly to LA to train

Thurday/Friday June 6-7- Train & fly home

Monday June 10- Start at the new office!!

I have Monday and Tuesday (3rd-4th) off-I intend to go shopping for a couple new work shirts because I seem to have only long sleeved for some reason. 

Think I have an exciting couple of weeks planned? Well to add to the excitement one of our best friends and his gf (who I ADORE and can tell will soon become one of our bffs) is moving home next week from St. Louis. WE. CAN’T. WAIT.  AHHH I see so much fun in our future!

Ok, now on to that paper before work!