Post Bar

Hello hello hello!

How did four years just fly by? I feel like it was just yesterday that I applied to law school and somehow thought I would be able to blog and work full time and go to school at night. Who was I kidding??

I am happy to report that the last year has been nothing short of amazing. Starting with the addition of my niece, Peyton Faye. She is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever encountered and love her more than I could have imagined. Just look at her!!


I literally have hundreds of pictures of her. Then, somehow, Joseph and I got engaged in December!


Then…married! We tied the knot in May after over 14 years. It was a beautiful day and I’ll always remember how much love I felt.


Followed by a spectacular honeymoon in Sedona where we hiked, got massages, went to the Grand Canyon, and spent a day on a Razr ATV. We had the most fun and did not want to return to reality.


But, we had to return so I could graduate!!!


And then I spent the last 3 months at home, studying full time for the bar, which I took last week. This is what my office looked like the week before the bar.


Since then, I’ve been doing as little as possible. I have had a hard time relaxing… surprise surprise. I keep wanting to do something creative but really don’t feel like jumping back into my cook book scrapbook just yet. I walked around Hobby Lobby for a long time on Monday but wasn’t really inspired. Then I went to the library and got a book called Letters to a young lawyer by Alan Dershowitz. I have yet to open it. Finally, I was inspired last night to create a new project. So, I got out of bed at 12:45 am to begin. I hope to share it with you soon!

My post bar plan is to take August off to spend time with friends and family and to relax. I can’t work as an attorney until I pass the bar, and results don’t come in until November, so I am hoping to find some law clerk type work in September for a couple of months. With any luck, I’ll find something. I think I’ll start to blog again, I always loved it so much and have so much cooking and crafting to catch up on!

I missed this!!




The calm before the storm

Well hello there!

I hope everyone is having a happy Friday! (I’m writing this in anticipation of my Friday and it will publish while I’m at work…but don’t worry I’m too busy to do this at work and I never would!!)

It’s been quite a while so here is a recap on me. I’m about to go into my fourth and last year at USF Law as a part-time student. It’s been a long time coming! I’m starting to think about bar prep now but can’t really do anything about it until January because my Fall is going to be a busy one.

I’m currently working as a paralegal at a civil litigation firm, mostly focusing on employment law. I’ve been here for a little under a year and was so fortunate to find it. This is the area of law that I have pictured myself practicing and I am able to be immersed in it every day and to see some of the best attorneys at my firm and learn from them. I’m so happy to report that after being here, this kind of practice is still at the top of my list and it didn’t scare me away! I was afraid that transitioning out of the workers’ comp world would not be everything I hoped it would be, but it is and I’m so glad.

I am also interning this Fall at my local District Attorney’s office, which is a major change for me. I’m so lucky to have taken my summer course, Trial Advocacy and the Ethical Prosecutor because it directly led to this opportunity. My professor is a veteran prosecutor and offered me a position in homicide, I could not turn that down. It’s a position that many people would love to have and I don’t know how I was able to swing it but I did. I’ve only been there one day so far, but it was amazing. Everything about criminal practice is different than civil. Part of me thinks I might really love it but who knows! I’ll try to keep you posted. The prospect of falling in love with another part of the law has rocked my world this summer because I have to start planning my post bar strategies differently should I decide to pursue it. It’s far to early to tell if it is something I’d actually want to do so I’m not going to go too far down that rabbit hole at this point.

Finally, I’m still taking four classes Monday-Thursday after work and my internship. I’ll be in Mediation, California Civil Procedure, Legal Drafting, and Trial Practice. All will be intensive but thank God I only have one final. Classes start on Monday and I have about 8-9 hours worth of homework to do this weekend 🙂 In about 9 months I’ll never have to take a final or worry about homework again. Only the real homework that you get paid to do, not the work you pay to do.

Enough about my professional life, my personal life is great as well. I’m going to be an Auntie this Fall and I’m so excited to meet my niece! She’s supposed to be here at the end of October, so it’s getting close. My sister and the baby girl are both doing well. I was able to feel her kick me two weekends ago when I visited and it was so special. I love that little peanut so much already. I crafted a sign for the baby shower that I’ll have to share with you guys soon.

Joe is doing well also. He has had one of the busiest summers of his life with work and has been working late hours and weekends. I hope he gets some relief soon because he is a little burnt out.

Some notable events this year include my 30th birthday this week, a trip to Universal Studios Hollywood to see Harry Potter, camping, and a trip to Arizona for the Giants spring training. I’ll leave you with a highlight real until next time!





Looking back on last year’s resolution list I am proud to say I did more than I expected! I got a good enough LSAT score to get into law school, I started and finished my first semester and I passed!! I also flew for the first time to LA for work and for New Years 2014 I flew there again, but for fun! Things I did not do: run or get engaged, can’t win them all!

This year I think it will be fun to make a quarterly goal along with some good old fashioned resolutions!

1st Quarter Goal: Buy better clothes- you don’t have to ask me twice!!


  • Do the majority of my homework on the weekend so I can breathe during the week.
  • Explore SF in ways I have always wanted to do but never made time for.
  • Run the Oakland half marathon in March- we started running already!
  • Read the Hunger Games series.
  • Go on a real vacation this summer, maybe Scotland! Any tips?




Q: What are your resolutions this year? If you don’t make resolutions, why?




Fun February

Do you still remember me? I’m a slacker!

I have had a super busy month, and I am hoping life calms down for the next few weeks before it all starts up again.  Although I have had the best time!

As you remember it started out busy with school and the LSAT. Then last weekend we went fishing with our friends Brian and Ashley in Carmel.  The weather was gorgeous and I caught some fish! ALL BY MYSELF! Usually Joe will handle the line and the bait and cast for me.  Not this time, I did it all by myself!  Joe did cast for me when we were all really close together though, unless I casted first because I didn’t want to cross anyone’s line or hook them in the head, lol!


Joe and I fishing

Joe fishing

Me fishing


That night Joe and I stayed in Monterey after having dinner with Ashley and Brian.

Later that week we all met up again to see a concert in SF.  We saw Coheed and Cambria, which is a rock band that we have loved for years.  I didn’t take any pics in the venue because it was hectic, but the Warfield is beautiful! Here is one of the girls at drinks before-

Ashely and I before Coheed

Then on Friday Joe and I worked before we headed down to Cole’s house for our fun filled LA weekend.  We had such a great time! On Saturday we went to Huntington Beach to see Dan Patrick and the Danettes. Joe got a picture with each of them (except McLovin who was not there).  He was so happy and Cole and I had fun watching it all.

Joe and DP

Photo bomber!!!

Then we went to Roscoe’s for lunch, which is ALWAYS delicious. Later that night some of Cole’s friends came over for the UFC fights, including our friend Jen from SLO! She lives there now too, and it was so nice to reunite!


Diana, Jen and Cole

Jen, Diana and I

The next day we had a relaxing time watching Daytona and having breakfast.  I took a nap before dinner because we were due in Hollywood before 3:00 am to line up for Live with Kelly and Michael.  For dinner we went to an awesome sushi restaurant with Cole and Jen before coming home to watch the Oscars and vote on them (I won for the first time!). It has been a tradition with Cole for the three of us to vote between ourselves for big award shows, and it was great to continue this year.

Joe and I dinner San Dimas

We went to bed around 11 and got up by 1:30! Once there, we were in line from 2:30 to 5:30 until we were let into the Dobly Theatre, which is where the Oscars were the night before.

Dolby Theatre

It was so beautiful! We couldn’t take pics of the broadcast though.  It was really neat to see the show taping process and Kelly and Michael are so cute! They really are good friends and are hilarious too.  The guests were Christophe Waltz and a fashion panel on Carson Cresley, Maria Menudos and another guy.  We were hoping for more but it was ok, then the Jabawakis perfomed too! The lines on the way out were crazy so we walked back to the car instead of taking the shuttle again.

We were on the road home by 7:30 and after stopping several times and running errands in Pleasanton, we were home by 3:00.  In bed by 6:00 and loved every minute of sleep!

It’s back to the grind today and business as usual for the rest of the week.  This weekend I have a girls night on Friday and the weekend with Joe’s mom and my family too.  I can’t complain though, I am loving February!



Birthday Weekend, food and fun!

Good Morning!  I am so tired today after a weekend full of fun and LOTS of good food.  Before I get to that, this is what I did at the salon on Thursday!


This isn’t the greatest picture, but I had a long weekend, and this was the best that I had!!!

My normal highlights were updated and the color is only on my left side, and underneath, so no need to worry, I am not walking around with clown hair!!  That night I celebrated my birthday with Jen and Joe by eating some delicious red velvet cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory, which Jen picked up on the way home from work. 

Birthday Cheesecake

It was hard too see the beauty in the to-go plate, however it was mouth watering.  They also showered me with gifts!

Coach clutch                Uggs

The clutch from Jen, and the Uggs from Joseph! I love them so much, and I am spoiled rotten, per usual. 

Friday was my actual birthday, and it started off with a great phone call!  I found out that we are indeed moving to Pleasanton into the cute condo that Joe and I checked out last week!! I also had many wonderful birthday calls from my family! 

I went to lunch with Joe’s Mom and Aunt, and then went crafting with my friends.  It was so much fun!! I worked on some Christmas presents, so no pictures just yet Winking smile  After crafting I went home to pack for our weekend getaway in San Luis Obispo.  On our way we stopped off at Harris Ranch for some birthday dinner, and it was amazing.  The best steak I have ever had in my life.  I order the Filet Mignon and Joe ordered a big, juicy Rib eye.  His was also tender and delicious.  

Harris Ranch Birthday Dinner

Dinner was so filling and we practically floated the rest of the way to the hotel.  We woke up feeling completely satisfied (from dinner, get your mind out of the gutter!!).  We had a big breakfast planned and didn’t even dare because we were still pretty full.  Instead we opted for Old West Cinnamon Rolls in Pismo, an old family favorite.  The line was long, and wrapped the building, but as Joe said, “at least we will get a fresh one”.  Boy was he right.  Of all the times I have ate there, this was the best. 

Cinnamon Roll      Old West Cinnamon Rolls

Afterward we walked around Pismo Beach and then went shopping at the outlets. Later on we met some of my SLO family for lunch at the Village in Arroyo Grande.  We chatted and enjoyed good food at a cute new restaurant called Rooster Creek. Pictures completely slipped my mind as I was so happy to see everyone and to meet Lauren’s newest edition, Serena.  Who was the sweetest little peanut!! I just love her to death.  After lunch we walked around the farmers market and the village with Lauren and Serena, and had some cookies at a local bakery. 

Later on we found ourselves in downtown SLO enjoying our old stomping grounds.  We picked up a few things from the Cal Poly store and also found some things at Urban Outfitters.  We stuffed ourselves with a  pizza for dinner from a local favorite, Woodstocks.  I had my favorite, the Fire Bird, a spicy pizza with chicken, jalapenos, and hot sauce, and Joe had a pepperoni.  We did some more shopping and headed back to the hotel to get ready for our night out with our friend Ryan.  We were tired but found a second wind and danced until closing…who says we are getting old??

Night out with Ryan

Sunday morning we were up and at ‘em early and had another great meal.  We went to Avila and ate at the Village market, where I got a breakfast wrap complete with a cup of fruit and a coffee.  It was perfect.

Breakfast Wrap

I need to remember to take a picture BEFORE I nearly devour my meal Smile  Joe had an omelet and also enjoyed it mucho.  Our next stop was Avila Valley Barn, one of my favorite weekend traditions of the past. 

Flowers AVB

They grow all sorts of beautiful flowers as well as an array of fruits and veggies, which is what they are known for.  They also have a charming bakery, a sweet shop, a toy store, a bunch of kitchen décor, a plethora of jams, and barn animals.  Exhibit A and B:

     Sheep AVB                Mule AVB

We picked up some really cute items and some tasty ones too!

We then took a drive around Cal Poly and walked around a bit too!

Joe at Cal Poly

We also drove around our old neighborhood.  We felt as if we had never left, as if we were coming home.  It was the perfect way to end the weekend.  Although we had one last stop.  Our favorite sushi restaurant, Sushiya!!  Our friend Ryan ordered Fire in the Roll, which actually had fire!!

Fire in the Roll

As always it was excellent.  When we got home last night we watched the Hunger Games and went to bed.  Boy were we tired!!  By the way, did you notice? No sports this weekend! How different for us!

Today I am planning on doing laundry and studying.  Thanks for reliving my weekend with me!! Do you have a place that is “home” to you?