Looking back on last year’s resolution list I am proud to say I did more than I expected! I got a good enough LSAT score to get into law school, I started and finished my first semester and I passed!! I also flew for the first time to LA for work and for New Years 2014 I flew there again, but for fun! Things I did not do: run or get engaged, can’t win them all!

This year I think it will be fun to make a quarterly goal along with some good old fashioned resolutions!

1st Quarter Goal: Buy better clothes- you don’t have to ask me twice!!


  • Do the majority of my homework on the weekend so I can breathe during the week.
  • Explore SF in ways I have always wanted to do but never made time for.
  • Run the Oakland half marathon in March- we started running already!
  • Read the Hunger Games series.
  • Go on a real vacation this summer, maybe Scotland! Any tips?




Q: What are your resolutions this year? If you don’t make resolutions, why?





Happy Birthday Joseph!

First and foremost….HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSEPH! You are the sweetest thing in my life and you are so deserving of a wonderful birthday!

Joe dinner and drink


Our weekend started at the Giants game on Friday night when they BEAT LA with a walk-off home run by Posey!  Talk about an exciting game, Orange Friday vs. The Dodgers AND Metallica night? It was so fun and even sweeter with the win. 

On Saturday we went to our friends Brian and Ashley’s house for a little fishing, swimming, cupcakes and BBQ.  That quickly turned into a little wine party for Ashley and Amanda lol!  We were relaxed after chilling in the pool and watched the Giants BEAT LA again! We spent the night and had a lazy morning with them before heading home.

We met with Joe’s Mom for a late lunch today because it’s his birthday and finally got home about 5:00.  We are just hanging out tonight, watching the Giants game, praying for a sweep!

I hope you all had a great weekend as well Smile 

As for this week, the plans so far are pretty slim.  Class on Tuesday and I am going to the Dean’s Reception at Golden Gate on Thursday night, which should be fun. I hope to meet some fellow colleagues and take a tour of the campus! I will make sure to include my thoughts!



My 7 favorite places in San Francisco

In honor of today’s Daily Post, and yesterday’s spur of the moment SF trip, I am going to tell y’all my 7 favorite places in San Francisco!

The DP reads as such:

The Satisfaction of a List-Who doesn’t love a list? So write one! Top five slices of pizza in your town, ten reasons disco will never die, the three secrets to happiness — go silly or go deep, just go list-y.

Yesterday morning I drove Joe to the EIT or (Engineer in Training) in San Mateo and had to be there before 7:00 am.  I decided to take the short drive up to SF afterward because it was so close and I had nothing better to do for the next 8 1/2 hours.  On the way up I stopped off at a beautiful little park and walked around before watching the sunrise and the planes at the airport take off and land.

Sunrise 4-13 waterSunrise 4-13 ocean

Park 4-13Flowers 4-13Pier 4-13Airplane landing SFO

After taking in all of the beauty I headed up to USF to walk around a bit and captured a picture from behind St. Ignacious, just beautiful!

                                   USF Statue                                               St. Ignacious SF

Shortly afterward I headed home for several hours before picking Joe up and heading BACK to SF for dinner at one of my favorite places in the city- Milano Pizzeria on 9th Avenue.  It’s no surprise that many of them are places to eat, lol! So here we go with my list:

7.   Milano Pizzeria– It may be cash only, however it is good enough to hit an ATM first.  I personally love the pepperoni and garlic with fresh oregano on it…YUM!

6.   Crepevine on Irving- The best breakfast I have had in the city so far (and this is a small chain!). I love the atmosphere and people who work there.  EVERYTHING on the menu is delicious.crepevine

5.   Java Beach Café– Located at Ocean Beach, Joe and I would walk there from my Great Grandparent’s house when we used to visit.  I like to watch the surfers come in and they have good coffee and muffins. Not to mention the fresh air out there!

java beach

4.   Boudin at the Wharf– When I lived in SF I would frequent Boudin and get a chili bread bowl and Joe loves their chowder bowls.  Their original location and main bakery is located at Fisherman’s Wharf, where you can watch the bread makers through the windows, walk through their history gallery, and smell the fresh bread.  When you eat you can sit in their upstairs dining room at stare at the boats coming into the bay.

Boudin Bakers

3.   USF/Cole/Noe Valley- I just love to walk around these areas so much.  They are truly SF and not touristy.  I always feel home when I’m there and they have really cute spots to shop and eat.  The houses in those areas can be BEAUTIFUL too.

                        SF neighborhood map                                  SF houses

2.   AT&T Park– Home of the San Francisco Giants!

ATT park gate

1.   North Beach– In particular Saints Peter and Paul Church– located in Washington Square Park, this is the most beautiful church I have ever been too.  I have seen so many get married there and actually sat in on part of one! Shh don’t tell anyone! Jen and I went to the Italian American Festival there and LOVED it.  I love the area and the park because there are so many kids and people running around and during the summer they show movies in the park at night!  I also love Coit tower especially at night.

Coit Tower  St Peter and Paul

Those are SOME of my favorite places and are DEFINETLY not all of them.  Did I leave anything good out?

Q: What is your favorite place in SF?



The Giants Win!

What a series! What a team!  The Giants swept the Tigers to win the 108th World Series. 

We were on pins and needles as the Giants were behind for the first time in the series and amongst the yelling and sweating, we were pacing.  It took 10 innings, but they did it, and we were more than happy!  Celebrating with champagne, our neighbors had fireworks, and there may have been some woops coming from this house. 

Champagne bottle world series 2012

You can see coach Bruce Bochy in the background, I couldn’t wait for a good shot and pausing the TV was not even a thought. We needed to pop some bottles LOL! 

Glass champagne 2012 ws

Here is a more appropriate picture!  We wanted to take a picture together, however, we were not looking very hot, pjs and stress were not the business!

Almost immediately after the win I got this little email:

WS 2012 email


Wednesday is the scheduled parade, on Halloween!  I am not going to wear a costume, but this time I am going, not even a question about it.  Sorry Dr. Walker, but I will not be in class that day!

Last night I dreamt of the game, and I must have had several dreams about it because I kept waking up and dreaming about it all over again.  Not a bad thing for sure!

I will be wearing one of my Giants shirts to school today, and I can’t wait to celebrate with my friends in Turlock!



A lovely morning in San Francisco

People always complain about Mondays, and I am also guilty of this.  However, yesterday was a fantastic day.  Although, I wasn’t working, so maybe that is why it was so fun! 

Jennifer came over on Sunday night and we were talking about her route to work in the morning when we decided it would be less stressful if I went with her to show her the ropes.  I love that I can still do big sister things sometimes! I know that Jen would have been fine going alone, but she let me show her around and let me feel like I was teaching her something, which I love!  Thank you, Jen!!  We were up by 4:00 am, and out by 5:00.  After getting her clipper cards for the public transit system I said goodbye to her and she was on her merry way. By that time it was only 7:30 and I was planning on keeping busy until 1:00 when Joe and I would meet up and go the the Raiders game.  I had a hard time finding anything open except for drug stores and a ton of TINY Starbucks coffee shops.  I walked around and found Crocker Galleria and took a seat.  I studied for an hour and a half and ate some breakfast.  I started to feel really tired so I walked around and ended up here:

China Town Gateway

That would be China Town!  I didn’t go in because I had a bad experience with a rat on the street, it figures!  I continued to make a loop in search of a non-existent law library.  When that didn’t work I found myself in the Financial District in front of a three story book store.  I was delighted, the only thing that would have been better was a used book store.  Guess where I settled down? That’s right, History section for this nerd!

Book store

I ended up walking by Golden Gate University Law School and I was feeling brave so I ventured into the student book store and lounge.  I found a seat and continued to study until I met Joe!  I would like to think that I fit in!

Golden Gate Law Study

My little adventure sure made me miss living in that beautiful city.  We are still searching for a place to live, and if I could find a place there I would be so excited!  I will keep y’all updated.  One of my favorite little thing about the city are the sparkling sidewalks, because SF is FABULOUS!

Sparkle Sidewalk

Well, I am going to get some things done today!  I will post later about the Raiders game fun.

Have a fun and productive day!