She’s alive!

I’m here, I’m alive and I am in San Francisco!  Did everyone have a nice summer? 

Mine was nothing short of a whirlwind. We moved to SF, I started law school, and work has been wonderfully busy!  Let me qualify that, I have been training someone and our office is growing but for the last two weeks I have not been busy as much as she has been busy listening to me talk lol!


I took pictures of our new place when we moved in and I will post some more pics in the following weeks as we continue to buy things we need and to get rid of unnecessary items.

Here are a few that I saved from my old phone:

SF Apt 1

 SF Apt 2

 Sf Apt 3

We are living with our friends Darren and Michelle, and I can’t speak for them but we think they are great roomies!  SF has been good to us despite the month long headache we endured to find the place we now call home.


School has been great so far; the work has been plentiful but not too hard to understand.  I have made some great friends and can’t thank God enough for the opportunity to go to USF.  My Professors are wonderful and available, my class section is awesome, and the campus is close to home.  I have joined a few organizations so far, the Criminal Law Society, APALSA, Environmental Law Society and tomorrow is the first meeting for the Labor and Employment Law Society.  I would like to join the Women’s Law Society and the St. Thomas More Society as well, but we shall see.  Most of these organizations do not require a large time commitment unless you are on the board and I don’t plan on becoming a board member this year in any except Labor & Employment Law.


I have been training a new employee for the past couple of weeks to replace me as I was promoted!  WOO HOO!  I will start my new position on 10/7 and when I figure out what that is I will fill you in, LOL!  Our office is growing and it makes me laugh to think that just a couple of months ago I was here all alone and now there are 7 of us.


I can’t promise that I will have as much time to blog as before, but I plan on posting at least once a week.  I have felt a void ever since I took a hiatus!  My goal is to post about my life and not exclusively about any one thing. I have a feeling my life will revolve around a few specifics but as the holidays approach it will be littered with food and craft posts!

I hope to hear from everyone about their summer adventures!




I’m back!

Hey Ya’ll! Did you miss me?

I FINALLLY have internet at home, and I am delighted to be able to blog again.  I could have went to Starbucks, but who has the time when you are moving? I want to keep this post short and sweet as I have tons of things to do today.

We moved in to our new place last weekend and it is going pretty smoothly.  We still are without a kitchen table, a desk, and a dresser, but we are doing fine for now without them.  I have a few pictures to share! Please note, I have only been her for 9 days!

Dining Area before

The Dining area the first night we were here.  I have such a variety of boxes because I got them wherever I could!


Living Room Before

This is the before shot of the living room.  We have put a few things in here, not sure if they are going to stay.  We love our new rug though! PS, don’t you just love the cable on the wall? It came that way so we are thinking of putting a big piece of artwork over it.



This is the one of the kitchen counters.  We have fully unpacked the kitchen and are able to use it, as of day 3.



We felt more at home once the magnets were on the fridge.  It seems like our place because they do travel with us!

Those are all for now.  I will take more as we begin to decorate and get new things.  Today I am going to do some much needed homework and LSAT studying.  My life has been so hectic that I feel like the most important things have been put on hold.  I will be in Valley Springs on Wednesday and Thursday, I may be able to squeeze in a blog post or two.

Just for fun:

Dodger Playstation ecard


Until next time!



Anxiety…need I say more?

Good morning everyone!

I hope this Monday brings all of you a better feeling than I currently have!  I am optimistic but it’s hard to shake the anxious feeling deep in my stomach.  This is going to be a crazy week!  We are supposed to move this weekend, if everything goes as planned.  Before that I have to deep clean this house for Joe’s grandparents, and I would like to buy them some groceries so they can at least have something to eat when they get home. We also have to clean up the fruit trees in the backyard, which is going to be super… Most of the fruit rotted before it ripened because it was so hot, so we have the fun task of climbing on the latter to remove the gross fruit, YEY!  I also have classes as usual, and LSAT studying.  The thing that is weighing heavy on my mind today is my senior paper topic.  I have to come up with one by Wednesday night, yikes!  It can be virtually anything to do with history, but I need to find an original angle on something.  I will then need to spend the next 15 weeks researching and writing a 30 pager on it, so I need to be interested in it.  Any suggestions?  I am stumped.  The other option is to research an event in history and to critique 8 or more books about it…no thank you.  I have enough to read this semester, I would rather search for important facts in 20 books than fully read 8 or more in addition to my assigned selection.  Maybe the thing that is bothering me the most about this week is not knowing exactly what day we are moving.  I am expecting a call from our landlord within the next couple of days to confirm.  The thing is, I have people waiting on me!! I feel bad telling them last minute when we are moving.  Anybody have a tums? Pepto?  oy vay!!

On a lighter note, I had a great weekend and probably got the best sleep I have had all summer.  It was glorious.  Are any of you bad sleepers as well?  How do you get yourself to calm down and get some rest?  I seriously need tips people!!

I spent Friday at my parent’s house, celebrating my birthday!  We had a delicious meal and very yummy lemon cake!! I told them that there were too many candles, but they didn’t listen! LOL  I spent lots of quality time with our newest family member as well, Stewart.  He is such a little sweetie!

Stewart 4 months old

Okie dokie, well have yourself a merry little day and week!  I will keep y’all updated on the moving situation and I’m sure I will take plenty of pictures of the new place when we get there. 



The first day of my last semester

CSU Stan logo

Tomorrow is my first day of my last semester of my bachelors degree.  My feelings are not excited, they are tired!! Don’t get me wrong, I still have an unhealthy addiction to school, however, tonight I feel a case of senioritis coming on.  Maybe it is the stress of the LSAT in a few weeks plus moving plus three new classes, one being the capstone for my degree.  Maybe it’s the fact that I have been in college since 2004 and I am worn out, or maybe it’s because this girl signed herself up for three more years.  No matter the reason, I am NOT in the mood for tomorrow.  I’m sure it will be fun to see my fellow classmates and to catch up on everyone’s summer fun.  I know that I will enjoy getting out of the house! 

In other news, tonight we signed our lease for the condo in Pleasanton!  I am excited to move in and unpack.  I have been without my worldly possessions for almost two whole months!  I am also excited to live with Jen again.  We always talked about living together as adults when we could make the rules and decorate our way! LOL  Another great thing about living in Pleasanton will be the commute for Joe and Jen.  The BART station is literally seven minutes away.  That will mean sleeping in an extra two hours and coming home almost two hours earlier!! WOOT WOOT for quality time with my roomies!

Off to pack my bags and relax before bed.  Wish me luck tomorrow!



Birthday Weekend, food and fun!

Good Morning!  I am so tired today after a weekend full of fun and LOTS of good food.  Before I get to that, this is what I did at the salon on Thursday!


This isn’t the greatest picture, but I had a long weekend, and this was the best that I had!!!

My normal highlights were updated and the color is only on my left side, and underneath, so no need to worry, I am not walking around with clown hair!!  That night I celebrated my birthday with Jen and Joe by eating some delicious red velvet cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory, which Jen picked up on the way home from work. 

Birthday Cheesecake

It was hard too see the beauty in the to-go plate, however it was mouth watering.  They also showered me with gifts!

Coach clutch                Uggs

The clutch from Jen, and the Uggs from Joseph! I love them so much, and I am spoiled rotten, per usual. 

Friday was my actual birthday, and it started off with a great phone call!  I found out that we are indeed moving to Pleasanton into the cute condo that Joe and I checked out last week!! I also had many wonderful birthday calls from my family! 

I went to lunch with Joe’s Mom and Aunt, and then went crafting with my friends.  It was so much fun!! I worked on some Christmas presents, so no pictures just yet Winking smile  After crafting I went home to pack for our weekend getaway in San Luis Obispo.  On our way we stopped off at Harris Ranch for some birthday dinner, and it was amazing.  The best steak I have ever had in my life.  I order the Filet Mignon and Joe ordered a big, juicy Rib eye.  His was also tender and delicious.  

Harris Ranch Birthday Dinner

Dinner was so filling and we practically floated the rest of the way to the hotel.  We woke up feeling completely satisfied (from dinner, get your mind out of the gutter!!).  We had a big breakfast planned and didn’t even dare because we were still pretty full.  Instead we opted for Old West Cinnamon Rolls in Pismo, an old family favorite.  The line was long, and wrapped the building, but as Joe said, “at least we will get a fresh one”.  Boy was he right.  Of all the times I have ate there, this was the best. 

Cinnamon Roll      Old West Cinnamon Rolls

Afterward we walked around Pismo Beach and then went shopping at the outlets. Later on we met some of my SLO family for lunch at the Village in Arroyo Grande.  We chatted and enjoyed good food at a cute new restaurant called Rooster Creek. Pictures completely slipped my mind as I was so happy to see everyone and to meet Lauren’s newest edition, Serena.  Who was the sweetest little peanut!! I just love her to death.  After lunch we walked around the farmers market and the village with Lauren and Serena, and had some cookies at a local bakery. 

Later on we found ourselves in downtown SLO enjoying our old stomping grounds.  We picked up a few things from the Cal Poly store and also found some things at Urban Outfitters.  We stuffed ourselves with a  pizza for dinner from a local favorite, Woodstocks.  I had my favorite, the Fire Bird, a spicy pizza with chicken, jalapenos, and hot sauce, and Joe had a pepperoni.  We did some more shopping and headed back to the hotel to get ready for our night out with our friend Ryan.  We were tired but found a second wind and danced until closing…who says we are getting old??

Night out with Ryan

Sunday morning we were up and at ‘em early and had another great meal.  We went to Avila and ate at the Village market, where I got a breakfast wrap complete with a cup of fruit and a coffee.  It was perfect.

Breakfast Wrap

I need to remember to take a picture BEFORE I nearly devour my meal Smile  Joe had an omelet and also enjoyed it mucho.  Our next stop was Avila Valley Barn, one of my favorite weekend traditions of the past. 

Flowers AVB

They grow all sorts of beautiful flowers as well as an array of fruits and veggies, which is what they are known for.  They also have a charming bakery, a sweet shop, a toy store, a bunch of kitchen décor, a plethora of jams, and barn animals.  Exhibit A and B:

     Sheep AVB                Mule AVB

We picked up some really cute items and some tasty ones too!

We then took a drive around Cal Poly and walked around a bit too!

Joe at Cal Poly

We also drove around our old neighborhood.  We felt as if we had never left, as if we were coming home.  It was the perfect way to end the weekend.  Although we had one last stop.  Our favorite sushi restaurant, Sushiya!!  Our friend Ryan ordered Fire in the Roll, which actually had fire!!

Fire in the Roll

As always it was excellent.  When we got home last night we watched the Hunger Games and went to bed.  Boy were we tired!!  By the way, did you notice? No sports this weekend! How different for us!

Today I am planning on doing laundry and studying.  Thanks for reliving my weekend with me!! Do you have a place that is “home” to you?