Post Bar

Hello hello hello!

How did four years just fly by? I feel like it was just yesterday that I applied to law school and somehow thought I would be able to blog and work full time and go to school at night. Who was I kidding??

I am happy to report that the last year has been nothing short of amazing. Starting with the addition of my niece, Peyton Faye. She is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever encountered and love her more than I could have imagined. Just look at her!!


I literally have hundreds of pictures of her. Then, somehow, Joseph and I got engaged in December!


Then…married! We tied the knot in May after over 14 years. It was a beautiful day and I’ll always remember how much love I felt.


Followed by a spectacular honeymoon in Sedona where we hiked, got massages, went to the Grand Canyon, and spent a day on a Razr ATV. We had the most fun and did not want to return to reality.


But, we had to return so I could graduate!!!


And then I spent the last 3 months at home, studying full time for the bar, which I took last week. This is what my office looked like the week before the bar.


Since then, I’ve been doing as little as possible. I have had a hard time relaxing… surprise surprise. I keep wanting to do something creative but really don’t feel like jumping back into my cook book scrapbook just yet. I walked around Hobby Lobby for a long time on Monday but wasn’t really inspired. Then I went to the library and got a book called Letters to a young lawyer by Alan Dershowitz. I have yet to open it. Finally, I was inspired last night to create a new project. So, I got out of bed at 12:45 am to begin. I hope to share it with you soon!

My post bar plan is to take August off to spend time with friends and family and to relax. I can’t work as an attorney until I pass the bar, and results don’t come in until November, so I am hoping to find some law clerk type work in September for a couple of months. With any luck, I’ll find something. I think I’ll start to blog again, I always loved it so much and have so much cooking and crafting to catch up on!

I missed this!!



Books, The Bachelor and my weekend update!

Can you believe your eyes? I am actually blogging on a Monday about my weekend!  That hasn’t happened in a while- even I am surprised!

I expected to be busy all night writing a paper but I finished it before dinner and feel pretty good about it!  Although I still need to finish reading a book before bed tonight.  Speaking of books….BOOK CLUB UPDATE! I have been so terribly busy I think I am going to move my review of a Wrinkle in Time to April if that is ok with y’all.  I haven’t even picked it up since I bought it.

Over the weekend I went to my parent’s house, but not before spending Friday night at my friend Nicole’s house and seeing some of my good friends.  I missed them terribly and it was so fun to catch up with everyone although I wish we had more time.  Nicole and I stayed up entirely too late talking but I think we both needed the girl time!

On Saturday I drove up to my parent’s house and hung out with my Mom and sisters (Jen was there too!).  Later that night my Dad came home and we listened to some comedy and hung out.  On Sunday Jamie and I took a nice long walk, we estimated around 4 miles!  I wish we lived closer so we could do that more often.

Jamie and I walking at Hogan

Afterward we chilled out and after dinner I went home.  I stopped by and visited with Joe’s Mom for a while on the way.  It was a nice and relaxing weekend. My only issue was forgetting my backpack (and homework) at home, or else I would probably be finished with the book I have to read tonight!!

On the agenda for this week is writing another paper, and this weekend Jen and I are going to see Noel and meet her boyfriend!  I am super excited!

Tonight I hope to catch The Bachelor before bed, but chances are I will have to wait until Wednesday night.  I haven’t been blogging about it, but I was rooting for Desiree until she was sent home, such a bummer Sad smile Her brother blew that for her didn’t he?  Now I am all about Lindsay.  I think they have a really good vibe between them and could see their families getting behind them whereas Catherine’s family seemed unsupportive. I also don’t think Catherine will want to move away from Seattle.

Q: Who do you think will win and why?



Book Club: The Happiness Project

Book Club logo
After reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, I can safely say we are now experts on the subject! It has inspired me to change several things about my life, maybe in a less grandiose way, but changes nonetheless.

It was a good read and I highly recommend it to anybody who is looking for a happy book that makes them feel good when reading it.

I had a few favorite chapters including: January, February, May, June, well you get the point! I pretty much loved them all! Here’s a little recap of some chapters and general themes.

Chapter 1: Boost energy– Gretchen’s idea of boosting energy is getting more sleep and being organized. Hallelujah to that! Just last weekend I had a meltdown about the fact that I didn’t have time to clean my desk. If I were to apply her one minute rule nothing would’ve been a mess to begin with. I’ve also applied a few more of her easy tidy techniques, and I agree that it does make your life happier to not worry about things like that all day long.

Chapter 2: Remember love- How fitting for the month of February! I really took this chapter to heart as I also feel that I don’t remember Joe in times of my frustration and Instead take it out on him. It leaves him feeling horrible and me feeling guilt ridden. Gretchen reminded me to treat Joe as my partner and to remember how precious he is to me.  She also opened my eyes to the fact that he is not a substitute girlfriend that I can chat with about girl stuff.  I can’t get angry that he can’t fulfill every relationship need that I have.  That is why we have girlfriends and sisters and other relationships.

Chapter 4: Lighten up/Chapter 5: Be serious about play- I liked these chapters because I can sometimes be uptight and need to remember to enjoy my life.  Joe is good at reminding me of these things, but Gretchen puts it in a way I can relate to.  She validates my feelings and gives great options and suggestions to a dull routine or a bad mood.

In chapter 5 when she talks about collecting bluebirds, she reminded me of a collection of hippo figurines I had as a kid.  They made me so happy for no real reason, I was so pleased to even remember that feeling that I put a hippo on my phone screensaver.  It makes me smile every time I see it!

Chapter 8: Contemplate the heavens- This chapter reminded me of my RCIA journey and really made me think about Lent.  It is always good to be reminded to count your blessings.

Chapter 9: Pursue a Passion- I LOVED to read about this topic.  I have recently let myself enjoy more of my hobbies and passions such as reading, crafting, blogging and dreaming about Law School.  Until a couple years ago I didn’t allow myself the time to do these things regularly because I felt guilty.  It also reminded me that I want to do some more things too, like learn to speak Italian and make a scrapbook.

Overall- One of the best things in the book was her motto to “Be Gretchen”. It makes me want to “Be Amanda” and not who I think I should be.  I also loved that she didn’t sugar coat anything, and that gave me hope.  She is a real person with real struggles, and that is comforting.  Possibly my favorite part of the book was her confession of loving children’s literature…I do too!  It was so funny to see her reference Madeline L’Engle when we are reading her next!  I also like the idea of making rules for adulthood.  Some of mine would be:

  • Always bring a sweater and overdressed is better than underdressed
  • Never leave home without chapstick
  • Find a way to laugh every day
  • Compliment a person when you admire something about them
  • Don’t be afraid to open up to people, you will probably have something in common
  • Do what needs to be done when you should- don’t wait a week and stress about it
  • Forgive- yourself and others
  • It’s ok to care too much sometimes
  • Save your money- no really, save it!

I could probably come up with many more, but those are some I am constantly dealing with.

In case you are interested, here are a few links to some other reviews of The Happiness Project.

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If I were to ever start my own happiness project I think I would concentrate on keeping up with the laundry, being nice, running regularly, and taking on a big craft project.

Please leave a comment and tell me what you thought about the book!  Would you ever attempt a happiness project? If so, what are some things you would work on? If not, why?



February Book Club

Book Club logo

And the winner is…..

A Wrinkle in Time! I so loved that book as a child and I can’t wait to read it again.  I think I will read the trilogy but it is up to you if you want to do the same!

A Wrinkle in Time Trilogy

I remember checking the book out in the school library to read it twice.  It was a hard cover and it was baby blue.  My Mom thought I was crazy for reading it twice back to back but I loved it so much.  I can’t believe I never bought it.

I will report back soon with a January Book club review on The Happiness Project.

In the future I hope you guys will send me your recommendations on books for upcoming months.  You can always comment on any post or email me directly!

Everyone have a wonderful night!



February Book Club

Hello fellow book worms!

For those of you participating in the January book club, how are you liking The Happiness Project?  I feel like Gretchen has an insight into my soul! We think so much alike when it comes to research and taking a long time to think about things.

It’s about time to select a book to read in February!

Book Club logo

I have come up with a few good selections for us.  I have read one of them but would love to read it again, and some are older but I have not had the chance to read them yet. I am trying to pick books that you guys might enjoy as well because many of the books I like aren’t appealing to non-history nerds. That is unless you guys would like to read about church history or South American leaders and their mistresses etc.  If so, EMAIL ME!!!

A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle – Oldie but Goodie, I have only read the first book, not the trilogy.  I remember very little about it, only that I LOVED it.

Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen – I have had many friends recommend this book to me.  I liked the movie and have the suspicion that I will love the book even more!

Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert – I also liked this movie and have seen many people reading this book.

The Paris Wife by Paula McLain – This book looks like a romantic glimpse into the past!

Read the reviews and take your pick! I will close the voting on Tuesday, so don’t delay!