Looking back on last year’s resolution list I am proud to say I did more than I expected! I got a good enough LSAT score to get into law school, I started and finished my first semester and I passed!! I also flew for the first time to LA for work and for New Years 2014 I flew there again, but for fun! Things I did not do: run or get engaged, can’t win them all!

This year I think it will be fun to make a quarterly goal along with some good old fashioned resolutions!

1st Quarter Goal: Buy better clothes- you don’t have to ask me twice!!


  • Do the majority of my homework on the weekend so I can breathe during the week.
  • Explore SF in ways I have always wanted to do but never made time for.
  • Run the Oakland half marathon in March- we started running already!
  • Read the Hunger Games series.
  • Go on a real vacation this summer, maybe Scotland! Any tips?




Q: What are your resolutions this year? If you don’t make resolutions, why?





Motivational Monday

I have been thinking a lot lately about what it means to be a leader. It is not a title that everyone chooses to have, sometimes it falls into your lap and sometimes it is earned. Still others it is something that you have worked toward.

As a kid I was a natural leader as a big sister and was always the first to volunteer for things.  I am still very similar in that sense. Lately I have been in the presence of someone who has the potential to become a leader but falls short. This person thinks they are destined for the title but I don’t agree. I think being a leader has a lot to do with your attitude and actions. All of this has been a wake up call for me as I have never thought about leadership being a negative thing. It brought me to a bigger dilemma which is default leadership.

I wish we lived in an ideal world where anyone can be a leader or better yet, we wouldn’t need them. Unfortunately we are not in Utopia and that is something we will probably never experience on Earth. It has made me think about volunteering for leadership positions because I would struggle with someone always trying to take my place or simply ignoring my ideas.

I thought further and realized that is the trick to being a good leader. In my opinion, a good leader is someone who can take those things in stride and instead of letting a small annoyance or setback get them down, they keep on going and lead with a good example. There are so many great examples in my life and they are inspirational to me. I would like to be more like them in my life in many ways, but three ways that I would like to improve this year are:

1. Stay away from the gossip- this is a tough one!

2. Keep a positive attitude even if you are a little doubtful at times.

3. Listen to others with the attention you would like to receive.

I think these changes are good for anyone to make, but I know they are personally something I can work on.

Q: What kinds of leadership qualities to do possess and what could you work on?



She’s alive!

I’m here, I’m alive and I am in San Francisco!  Did everyone have a nice summer? 

Mine was nothing short of a whirlwind. We moved to SF, I started law school, and work has been wonderfully busy!  Let me qualify that, I have been training someone and our office is growing but for the last two weeks I have not been busy as much as she has been busy listening to me talk lol!


I took pictures of our new place when we moved in and I will post some more pics in the following weeks as we continue to buy things we need and to get rid of unnecessary items.

Here are a few that I saved from my old phone:

SF Apt 1

 SF Apt 2

 Sf Apt 3

We are living with our friends Darren and Michelle, and I can’t speak for them but we think they are great roomies!  SF has been good to us despite the month long headache we endured to find the place we now call home.


School has been great so far; the work has been plentiful but not too hard to understand.  I have made some great friends and can’t thank God enough for the opportunity to go to USF.  My Professors are wonderful and available, my class section is awesome, and the campus is close to home.  I have joined a few organizations so far, the Criminal Law Society, APALSA, Environmental Law Society and tomorrow is the first meeting for the Labor and Employment Law Society.  I would like to join the Women’s Law Society and the St. Thomas More Society as well, but we shall see.  Most of these organizations do not require a large time commitment unless you are on the board and I don’t plan on becoming a board member this year in any except Labor & Employment Law.


I have been training a new employee for the past couple of weeks to replace me as I was promoted!  WOO HOO!  I will start my new position on 10/7 and when I figure out what that is I will fill you in, LOL!  Our office is growing and it makes me laugh to think that just a couple of months ago I was here all alone and now there are 7 of us.


I can’t promise that I will have as much time to blog as before, but I plan on posting at least once a week.  I have felt a void ever since I took a hiatus!  My goal is to post about my life and not exclusively about any one thing. I have a feeling my life will revolve around a few specifics but as the holidays approach it will be littered with food and craft posts!

I hope to hear from everyone about their summer adventures!



Big Moments…

In life there are a few really big moment that you can look back on like getting engaged, getting married, graduating college, having a baby, etc.  Well I have a big moment to share with y’all…


I am so excited and proud of myself for working hard and never giving up.  (To read my journey you can click here.)  I was accepted into Golden Gate University and wait listed for Santa Clara and USF.  Obviously I am thrilled that I will be going somewhere for sure, but would just love it if USF would accept me before I have to pay my seat deposits at Golden Gate.  The only reason is because I have always LOVED USF, but I am honored to be accepted at GG and would be so proud to go there as well.

This is yet another first step for me, but it is the last “first” I will ever have in college (well besides graduating!). I have been waiting for this for what seems like forever, but do feel a bit sad to close this chapter.  I have come to adore my friends and Professors at CSU Stanislaus and will be forever grateful for these past two years.  Graduation is 1 month away!!

I will keep you updated on things as they happen; as for now I am going to focus on my last 3 papers as an undergrad and try to enjoy the little time I have left before the law school nightmares begin.  4 more years and I will be done, but then what will my plan be? Work? HAHAHAHA yeah right, you know I will have something grandiose planned out! Who knows what!

I would like to thank every single person who reads my blog, you have given me a wonderful outlet and I love sharing this with you! I would also like to thank my friends and family for always supporting and believing in me. I especially want to thank Joseph.  Without him I would be so incomplete and his unwavering support and love mean the world to me!

Q: What has been your biggest life accomplishment to date?



The Story of Us PART 2

To read part one click here.

After two years of a long distance relationship I was faced with the choice of moving.  I could move anywhere that had a community college and since my parents moved out into the boon-docks I had to find a place on my own.  I decided to sublet a friend’s apartment in SLO while he was on summer break.  I had very little money and no job, but enough money to try to find one over the summer and to find a place to rent.- If that same situation presented itself today I don’t think I could have done it!

I did the impossible and found a GREAT JOB at my beloved GMK (the law office that I sometimes refer to), and enrolled in Cuesta College.  A few months later Joe moved back down for school and we lived pretty close to each other! It was so nice to be together again.

After a year we moved in together to save money and have never looked back.  I worked at GMK and went to school at night while Joe went to school at Cal Poly full time and worked nights and weekends.  We didn’t see each other as much as some people, but we did what we had to and saw each other a whole lot more than we did before.  Plus we never missed birthdays or small holidays with each other anymore.

Here is where the story gets real.  We are human and we are not perfect.  In 2009 we broke up for a few months- 3 1/2 to be exact. It was the most difficult thing I have ever went through in my life.  It was necessary for Joe though, as he needed to be sure he was happy in our relationship.  Working and going to school is stressful and we needed that time to regroup and grow up a bit.  At the end of the summer we both knew we were supposed to be together and when he came back I was whole again.

After Joe graduated we had another choice to make, as I was ready to transfer to a university as well.  We decided to move back to the central valley because Joe had a difficult time finding a job on the central coast, due to their EXTREMELY COMPACTED engineering opportunities and because Cal Poly is not an ideal school to attend for History and it is kind of expensive.

Leaving SLO was so hard. It was so sad and every time we go back we just feel wrong when we leave.  It is our town.  We hope to move back there one day.

When we first moved back up north Joe had a hard time finding a job there as well.  Finally he found one that would work for the time being and I began attending CSU Stanislaus.

After about six months I started to put the pressure on Joe to propose- it had been 8 years!  It was another hard time for me as I would get my hopes up and ultimately get let down.  Joe was not ready yet and I couldn’t understand why.  I cried a lot and I know it was difficult for him too.

A year and a half later we moved to Pleasanton when Joe finally landed a good engineering job in San Francisco and that takes you to where we are now.  I am graduating in May and hopefully will attend law school in SF in the fall.

I don’t want to leave you hanging, we are not engaged.  We have had MANY talks about it and I am ok with it for now.  We have a plan and so far we are sticking to it.  It’s more about finances than timing so don’t worry, I didn’t give him a schedule to follow!!

Yesterday for our anniversary we went to dinner at Haps steak house.  It was THE BOMB! Hands down best dinner we ever had, even better than Harris Ranch. (I talked about our dinner at HR for my birthday last year and you can read about it if you click the link!)

Joe brought home some beautiful red roses and we exchanged gifts before heading to dinner and had some fantastic wine when we came home.  It was so special and relaxing.  It was the best anniversary yet!

Now that you know our life story, I have to say I am so lucky to have him in my life.  He makes me laugh, he gets my quirks, he lets me be me!  He is smart and compassionate, and super cute if you ask me!

Our relationship has been full of ups and downs, but mostly ups.  We could not have come this far without a few really amazing friends and of course our families, not to mention a ton of work and commitment on our part!

Thank you for going down memory lane with me!  I look forward to the day when I can blog about being engaged, planning a wedding, buying a house, and having babies!  Also going to law school!


Cruise 2009

On the cruise 2009

Me and Joseph xmas 09

Christmas 2009

Top of Bishops Peak

On top of Bishops Peak in SLO 2010

Giants Game 2010

Giants Game 2010

Halloween 2011 2

Halloween 2011

Joe and I NL West clincher

Giants NL West clincher 2012

Joe and I Raiders Game

Raiders game 2012

Joe and I dinner San Dimas

Out to dinner in San Dimas 2013

10 year anniversary

Last night for our 10 year anniversary

To be continued…