Motivational Monday

I have been thinking a lot lately about what it means to be a leader. It is not a title that everyone chooses to have, sometimes it falls into your lap and sometimes it is earned. Still others it is something that you have worked toward.

As a kid I was a natural leader as a big sister and was always the first to volunteer for things.  I am still very similar in that sense. Lately I have been in the presence of someone who has the potential to become a leader but falls short. This person thinks they are destined for the title but I don’t agree. I think being a leader has a lot to do with your attitude and actions. All of this has been a wake up call for me as I have never thought about leadership being a negative thing. It brought me to a bigger dilemma which is default leadership.

I wish we lived in an ideal world where anyone can be a leader or better yet, we wouldn’t need them. Unfortunately we are not in Utopia and that is something we will probably never experience on Earth. It has made me think about volunteering for leadership positions because I would struggle with someone always trying to take my place or simply ignoring my ideas.

I thought further and realized that is the trick to being a good leader. In my opinion, a good leader is someone who can take those things in stride and instead of letting a small annoyance or setback get them down, they keep on going and lead with a good example. There are so many great examples in my life and they are inspirational to me. I would like to be more like them in my life in many ways, but three ways that I would like to improve this year are:

1. Stay away from the gossip- this is a tough one!

2. Keep a positive attitude even if you are a little doubtful at times.

3. Listen to others with the attention you would like to receive.

I think these changes are good for anyone to make, but I know they are personally something I can work on.

Q: What kinds of leadership qualities to do possess and what could you work on?




3 thoughts on “Motivational Monday

  1. A lot of people make fun of me for being an Eagle Scout (boy scout) but I really felt that it helped me understand responsibility and instilled leadership qualities in me from an early age. I have a natural tendency to take the lead whether in study groups or projects or other aspects of life. However I am not always as considerate as I’d like to be and wish to make a conscious effort in showing others that I do value their opinions.

    Any advice?

    PS. I’m right there with you in second semester of 1L year. Good luck!

    • I think being an Eagle Scout is a huge accomplishment, congratulations on getting there!
      Since I don’t know you personally, I can only say what I would if I were to give advice to the person I had in mind when I wrote this post.
      I think active listening is so important when in a leadership position. I always feel heard when the other person repeats what I said in their own words, so long as they are giving me credit for my opinions or validating my concerns. If the person is wrong it is still nice to hear that they’re heard and understood. I also think it’s important to remember to thank people for speaking up or helping out even if it’s their job. Sometimes a little praise goes a long way.
      Good luck this semester, what classes are you taking?

      • Thanks that was actually very helpful and hit close to home. Our school arranges our first year courses a little differently. Our first semester was: Legislative & Administrative Procedure, Torts, Contracts I, Property I, Lawyering Skills, and Professionalism.

        This semester: Civil procedure I, Criminal Law I, Property II, Contracts II, Lawyering Skills and Professionalism.

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