Habitat for Humanity

Good Morning,

As I brew my coffee I am sitting here with a little bit of a sore back, but for a good reason!  Yesterday Joe and I went to a park in SF with some of his coworkers and a few of their spouses to work with Habitat for Humanity.  We weren’t sure what we would be doing, possibly picking up trash and raking leaves?  When we arrived we were greeted by the park gardener, employed by the city of SF, and a Habitat representative who explained that we would be at the far end of the park, pulling weeds for 3 hours.  It sounded pretty lame but we were all good sports about it.

When we got to that side we quickly realized it was not a few weeds in grass.  It was a hillside that had a few large bushes and looked like it was covered in grass.  That grass turned out to be overgrowth and tons of huge weeds so we were all given various rakes, hoes, pitch forks, other tools, and burlap sacks to pile the weeds on.  We were stripping the ground to the dirt and it ended up being a hard days work.  In the end we filled up four truck loads of weeds and cleared the hill.  The gardener was so impressed and said that he never had a team so dedicated.  He explained that most people were more interested in taking pictures the whole time and that they never expected a group of engineers to be so labor intensive.

The hillside looked great by the time we left and I managed to take a couple pictures:

Joseph and I habitat 2013

Habitat 2013

I really enjoyed it and look forward to volunteering again soon.  There is something so rewarding about yard work that makes the rest of the day feel accomplished.  It is one of the downfalls to living in an apartment!  I hope the company decides to do this again because it was a great team building exercise and fun to chat with everyone in a relaxed environment.

Today we are making Sunday breakfast and heading to the fair to watch some horse races and probably eat some fried foods!  Enjoy your day Smile




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