The Bachelorette is back!



It’s Bachelorette time again, and I was more than ready to watch Desiree do her thing!  As always Jen and I watched in awe as guy after guy made a fool of himself.  There were some weirdos and creeps this season, but I also saw a few good guys.  The promos show a lot of upcoming drama and after the Tiara disaster last season nothing will surprise me.

My early favorites are Ben, Drew, Bryden, Juan Pablo, and Michael G.  It looks like Ben is not who we think he is, but I would like to pretend the promos don’t show us the real story.  I couldn’t believe the nerve of they guy who kept pushing a fantasy suite reference to Des- she will cut you! She did too, LOL.  The poor ER doctor who tried to dip her really beat himself up too, it’s ok, he was probably not her type anyway. 

The good news is, there are many guys that I feel Des can let go within the first few weeks without us feeling attached.  Sometimes we need a few weeks of watching to find our favorites, and those weeks should be for guys that don’t really matter to go home.

I hope we get to see some fun first dates next week!




One thought on “The Bachelorette is back!

  1. I watched it earlier this week, too. I was a bit skeptical because I wasn’t a huge fan of Des being the next bachelorette — would she be interesting enough? But the first episode is proof positive that she is. That moment where she kicks that guy out of the house for repeatedly asking her to join him in the “Fantasy Suite” was great. Not only was she graceful in asking him to leave, but in doing so she indicated that she won’t be pushed around.

    I thought that ER doc from the East Bay was totally weird, too! It looks like there will be a lot of drama in the house this season between the guys — dare I say more than during the last season of The Bachelor?

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