Here we go…

What a whirlwind of a weekend and week!  When I last blogged I gave you a run down of the activities I had planned for the next couple weeks and it hasn’t disappointed so far.

Last weekend we went started out in Sacramento for our good friend Eric’s graduation party. We are so very proud of everything he has accomplished and of his gorgeous wife Amanda for the support she has given him.  We had a lovely dinner and played some beer pong before we had celebratory cigars and more drinks!

2013-05-26 00.35.05

2013-05-26 00.36.41

We all look a little sun burnt and the boys look a little drunk but we all had a great time!

We spent the night at the night in Sacramento and went to Joe’s Mom’s house the next day to visit.  His aunt and uncle were spending the weekend so we hung out for a few hours and had dinner before going to see our friends Steven and Jenna.  We haven’t seen them in too long and caught up on everything over some drinks and fireworks!  It was so nice to see everyone over the weekend!!

On Monday we went to Walnut Creek to a brewery with Jen and we met up with Joe’s friend Nate from work.  Nate is such a sweet guy from Chicago that moved across country last year alone- how cool is that? We spent the rest of the day shopping and dropped the boys off at a bar to watch hockey while Jen and I continued to shop!  Even with dreary weather, Walnut Creek is the cutest!

Yesterday I started my last week at work and began training my replacement who is such a sweetheart.  Last night Jen and I went to happy hour with my friends from work to celebrate and we went out to lunch today too.  They are so awesome, I will miss hanging out and laughing with them every day but I am glad to have made some lifelong friends while I was there.  I am also excited to start my new job next week!

Tomorrow we are going to leave after work and I will try to take some good pics this weekend!!  Everyone enjoy the first weekend of June and stay safe Smile




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