Weekly Obsession: Tech Tips

Weekly Obsession

Lately I have been obsessed with new tech tips, and have even considered making it a part of the blog.  My only concern with hosting a Tech Tuesday or Works for me Wednesday, is potentially running out of things to say in those categories.  Not to say you can run out of tech tips, but I am probably not the best person to write a tech blog. Regardless, I do want to share a couple that I have discovered recently that have changed my life.

First, Greenshot. Holy Mother this is a game changer.



It is what it looks like, a screenshot that allows you to control the parameters of the area you copy.  Joe told me about it as I have to take a lot of screen shots at work, as does he, but we both use multiple screens at our desks.  The editing phase is a thing of the past.  I LOVE Greenshot and highly recommend downloading it.

Second, Zamzar.  Have I been living under a rock?


The above picture was taken with Greenshot, boom.

Zamzar is a file converter that my coworker and I used yesterday. It is amazing, you can convert TONS of things like PDFs, pictures, video, audio and more. Mind = blown.

Do you have a tech tip you are itching to share? Leave a comment to share it with me, I would be thrilled and feel smarter by association.




2 thoughts on “Weekly Obsession: Tech Tips

  1. Greenshot…. My. Mind. Is. Blown. I feel like I’ve been wasting so much time editing when I could have done it all in one step. Thank you!

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