Golden Gate Dean’s Reception

Most importantly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wonderful sister Jen! xoxo

Yesterday I went to Golden Gate Law for the Dean’s Reception.  I had an AWESOME experience!

I got into the city early and met up with Joseph for a quick dinner before he headed back home and I headed over to GGU.  I arrived before anyone else, including the staff and faculty. I was surprised as I was only 20 minutes early.  About a minute after I put my nametag on the associate admissions director came in and we started chatting before the Dean came in.  They were both so wonderful and very easy to talk too! It was so cool to have them to myself for a few minutes.  Soon enough people began piling in and among other admitted students were current students, alumni, professors, a financial aid counselor and administrative staff.

We began with a speech by one of the deans before Dean Van Cleave engaged us in a mock lecture.  It was short and sweet but very interesting!  Then each person who wasn’t a newly admitted student got a chance to speak about their roles at GGU so we knew who to talk to afterward.  Immediately following we split into tour groups and ended up at the reception.  There were refreshments and we had a chance to pick everyone’s brains and to introduce ourselves to them.  There were probably 20 new students and only 4-5 of us were evening students.  I met a few really cool people and I hope to meet up with them soon!

I took full advantage and asked a lot of questions and I REALLY loved the feeling I got from the people there.  They seemed genuinely interested in each student and happy to talk to us.  It made me think I may rather go there. Now I have a dilemma (sort of).  If USF accepts me, I will be torn.  Until last night I was certain I would choose USF without question should I have the choice.  At least now I know I will be happy no matter what!!!

My concern is based on picking the place that will be best suited for me and there really is no way of knowing that. Can you say stressful? Can you say first world problems?

Any advice?




5 thoughts on “Golden Gate Dean’s Reception

  1. I had the same dilemma (with exactly the same school USF) and I met an attorney who graduated and is practicing now in CA. She advised me to go to where youll be able to shine the most. Sometimes at a smaller school youll have a better chance of getting in the top 10-30% which what employers look at. Additionally she mentioned that I should go to the school where that will provide you the most financial aid. We dont realize how much stuff we have to pay for while in school. And I realized, unfortunately, when you get into a school after being on the waitlist we get practically ZERO help 😦 I’m sure youll make the right decision and the best decision for you! But these are the decisions that really helped me! Good luck!

    • Wow! The event sounded awesome! Thanks for sharing. I’m glad you got to chat with so many people and that you received a tour of the campus. — As far as advice, there’s really no way of knowing which school would be “better” for you. I mean, rank wise it’s probably USF for sure – especially in the Bay Area where there’s so many schools (competition). But I agree with “legallybrunetteca” that you do have to take financial aid into consideration (if you received scholarships mostly). Other than that, just go with your gut. Go with what feels like it’s meant to be. I’m going to a lower ranked school for sure, but the location, the campus, the people and their programs and events sold me. I’m so excited to go & the rank is not bothering me. You’re going for the experience, once you start working as an attorney all that matters is your experience, your résumé and of course your unique personality! I know two great attorneys that went to GGU; they loved it and they’re pretty successful in my opinion. Good luck! Keep us posted!

  2. Thank you both for the advice! I am really excited either way, but I will let you know how it pans out. I just hope I don’t end up paying GGU’s seat deposit and THEN get accepted into USF because I will feel like I didn’t get a choice.

    • Hi Amanda! mujerambiciosa directed me toward your blog after hearing that I, too, had been admitted to GGU. It sounds like you and I are in a similar situation, except that I’m waitlisted at McGeorge — my first choice school. I went to the luncheon today and had a similar experience to the one that you had at the Dean’s Reception — everyone at GGU has been so helpful and friendly thus far. At the end of the day, I’m very happy at the prospect of being a law student in the fall!

  3. Hi Heather!
    Thanks for stopping by to see my blog 🙂 It’s so cool to meet someone else in my situation. Before moving to the Bay Area for work, McGeorge was also my first choice. I ended up not even applying because I knew it would be too far to go.
    As the seat deposit date approaches it looks like I will be going to GGU for the simple fact that I don’t want to waste the money. Before I went to GGU’s reception I thought I would go to USF no question if I were accepted. After the Dean’s Reception, I feel like I would be happy either way. Now that it has been a week and USF decided to push their waitlist acceptance letters out another week or two, I feel a little angry that I don’t get a choice anymore. Oh well, I got into GGU and I know I will make the very best of any situation.
    Are you admitted for full time or evening?

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