Happy Birthday Joseph!

First and foremost….HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSEPH! You are the sweetest thing in my life and you are so deserving of a wonderful birthday!

Joe dinner and drink


Our weekend started at the Giants game on Friday night when they BEAT LA with a walk-off home run by Posey!  Talk about an exciting game, Orange Friday vs. The Dodgers AND Metallica night? It was so fun and even sweeter with the win. 

On Saturday we went to our friends Brian and Ashley’s house for a little fishing, swimming, cupcakes and BBQ.  That quickly turned into a little wine party for Ashley and Amanda lol!  We were relaxed after chilling in the pool and watched the Giants BEAT LA again! We spent the night and had a lazy morning with them before heading home.

We met with Joe’s Mom for a late lunch today because it’s his birthday and finally got home about 5:00.  We are just hanging out tonight, watching the Giants game, praying for a sweep!

I hope you all had a great weekend as well Smile 

As for this week, the plans so far are pretty slim.  Class on Tuesday and I am going to the Dean’s Reception at Golden Gate on Thursday night, which should be fun. I hope to meet some fellow colleagues and take a tour of the campus! I will make sure to include my thoughts!




Give me your thoughts!

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