Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket List


Can you believe it’s May already? Don’t get me wrong, I love the spring and will be begging for more spring like weather once July hits, but I am excited about the summer!  Yesterday while on Instagram I saw something called a Summer Bucket List and thought it would be really fun to create one!  Come to find out, they are kind of a big deal. Who knew?

Mine looks something like this:

  • Visit the new Exploratorium in SF- apparently they have an adult night? HOLD ON, shit. just. got. real. It’s called After Dark: First Thursdays, sign me up!!
  • Go camping in Yosemite.  I have lived close to Yosemite my whole life and have NEVER once been there.  FAIL, Mom and Dad, fail.


  • Get back into shape by the time law school starts.  I have already been working out for a few weeks now and have seen improvement in my running and as an added bonus, my legs aren’t so scary white anymore! HA HA
  • Go to the county fair, which I have heard only good things!
  • FINALLY start reading the Harry Potter series. Harry Potter Books







  • Go Kayaking in McCovey Cove during a Giants game.

McCovey Cove

So far that is all I can think of! I know I will do many other fun things but they are all things that I would do anyway, and these things are extra fun activities that I have been wanting to do and haven’t!

Q: What is on your Summer Bucket List?




6 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List

  1. Sounds like a great summer! I haven’t been to the exploratorium since I was a kid – I cannot believe that they have an adult night now! Please post about it once you attend 🙂 I wish that I could create a bucket list, but I am relocating so “saving” is my intention this summer! By the way, do you have an Instagram account? I like following other law students on there!

  2. I’ve totally been meaning to read the harry potter series!! I love san fran and miss it sooo much sounds like you have quite the bucket list! Congrats on getting into law school!!

  3. Make sure to get reservations at Yosemite before you go. Spots fill up quickly. I have been a few times — I went with friends after I graduated high school (while most of our class went partying in Mexico) and had a blast. We hiked every day. I will never ever get tired of visiting Yosemite!

    • Thank you, will do! Some of my friends go every year too, and they have said the same. It’s never too soon to reserve a spot there!

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