Run for Boston

Yesterday was a sad reminder of how fragile of a time we live in.  The Boston Marathon is supposed to represent all good things and to me, it always will.  I personally know someone who has run in the marathon and it breaks my heart to think about the people who were innocently running, the spectators, press, marathon workers and emergency persons who were there yesterday.  Sadly, this is minor compared to what COULD happen.  This is enough. My prayers will continue for those in Boston and whose loved ones were taken or hurt by this tragedy. 

Today on twitter I saw a tweet from @Blogher saying to run for Boston. I really like that idea, and as a person who is fond of running I can’t think of anything more important to run for.  Today I went for a run and I enjoyed it.  I can’t fathom the idea of not being able to partake in an event as innocent as a marathon without worrying about bombs but the unfortunate truth is, now we will.  People all over the world deal with fears such as that and we can’t let it get us down.  I for one, will not stop living my life because there are bad people out there, because if I don’t live my life what is it worth?

If you are a runner or jogger or even a walker, go run for Boston.  Run because you can and because some people can’t. 

Run for Boston





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