Weekly Obsession: Watermelon Beer

Hello there my lovely readers!

I am going to start a new feature on the blog called “Weekly Obsession”.  It may not appear every week, but I’m certain I am obsessed with something new every other day, lol!

Weekly Obsession

This week I am seriously in love with a beer, of all things!  It is from the bar Joe and I went to last Monday night before the Giants game, 21st Amendment.

Hell or High Watermelon

It’s called Hell or High Watermelon and it is the ultimate summer beer.  I have also recently tried Budweiser’s Strawberrita, which is the Lime a Rita’s sister. 


That was pretty good, but NOTHING compared to 21st Amendment’s watermelon concoction.

It was so good that we bought a six pack and have had some throughout the week, which is SO NOT US!  I give this beer 5 stars, so go try it! 

PS- At the bar they serve it with a watermelon slice- to die for!




Give me your thoughts!

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