Medical Binder

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So do you remember a few weeks ago when my Mom was in the hospital? When we were there we tried to find a way for my Mom to get motivated to take better care of herself.  This is super important because even though she has been diabetic for years she has a hard time accepting the fact that she needs to act differently than non diabetics especially around meal times.

I decided to make her a medical binder where she can keep all of her information in one spot.  Here is what you will need:

  • 3 Ring Binder
  • 1 Small notepad
  • Tacky glue
  • Business card sleeves
  • Dividers
  • Folder with hole punches (for inside the binder)
  • Calendar with 3 hole punches *optional

Medical Binder

I chose to make my own excel spreadsheets for things she needs like a glucose record, food logs, doctor visit logs and a contact page.  I also did not buy a calendar, instead I chose to print calendar pages from Microsoft Word.

First I chose a binder that was tough enough to hold everything she will need and one that does not have plastic on the outside that will look gross after a while.  It just so happens that it did not have pockets on the inside but that was ok because I put a folder inside with pockets to hold her paperwork that can’t be hole-punched.

I began by gluing a notepad on the inside front sleeve so that my Mom can take notes on things and jot down questions to ask her doctors.  I used tacky glue because it is the strongest glue I have and it worked just fine.  If you have something better by all means use it!!

I ordered the binder as such:

  • Contact page
  • Divider/Glucose Records
  • Divider/Food Log
  • Divider/Doctor Visit Log
  • Extra Dividers
  • Business card pages
  • Folder

These are some pictures of similar items:

Business Card pages



Here are the pages I created:

Contact Page- I printed this one on cardstock because it is the front page and it is the most important in an emergency.  You can definitely make it prettier, this is just basic.

Contact Page

Glucose Record-

Glucose Record

Food Log-

Food Log

Doctor Visit Record-

Doc Visit Log

Here are the pages to upload:

Note**** I can only insert 3 pages at a time.  If you want the food log I can upload it to another post for you! Just leave a comment or email me:

I don’t have any good pictures for you guys but hope to take some if I remember when I go visit next time.  My sister tried to send some but they were super blurry from her phone. 

I hope you take advantage of this great idea. You could even make one for your whole family and keep it all together.

Have a good day!




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