21st Amendment

Hey guys!

I got out of class early tonight and have the next two weeks off! During which I will be writing two or three papers.  I will enjoy not driving all the way to Turlock though!

Last night Joe and I went to the Giants game vs the Rockies.  Before the game I picked him up at work and we went to a bar called the 21st Amendment.  It’s one he has been to a few times with coworkers and talks about all the time.  It has a really fun beer garden and atmosphere.  We chilled outside and had the BEST watermelon beer ever! We also ordered onion rings and margarita pizza.  It was perfect.

21st Amendment Beer Garden

The beer must have had a higher alcohol content than usual because I felt a little buzzed walking to the stadium but it made Joe laugh so that was worth it!  On an unrelated note our bomb parking spot that is was free now has meters.  And get this…$5 per hour during the games…LAME!! We are going to have to start BARTing in Sad smile

Giants vs Rockies 4.8.13

The game itself was fun, we had a group of ladies behind us who were really loud and dressed up.  They got on the jumbotron and were super excited, lol!  We had really good seats too so that was a huge plus! Section 127 Row 6- so we had a great view of these boys:

Giants vs Rockies Bumgarner 4.8.13

Giants vs Rockies Posey 4.8.13

Giants vs Rockies Seats 2 4.8.13

Not too shabby eh?  I am super pumped for the next month because we have tickets to a game with our friend Kasey AND tickets to Metallica night at AT&T!!!! There are no words for my excitement!!

Q: What are the best seats you have ever had for a sporting event or concert?




Give me your thoughts!

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