Family filled week

What a beautiful Sunday morning!

I woke up this morning refreshed and ready to get outside despite the fact that I HAVE TO write a paper today.  So Joseph and I decided to walk to breakfast and meander around the grocery store for some food for lunch and dinner.  It was so nice to get out into the fresh air in the morning and take our time browsing and laughing.  Joe called it a morning date, so cute!

This past week I had such a fun time with Jamie who was on Spring Break.  We brought her home on Easter so she could hang out in P Town for the week. 

Easter Sunday was so nice at my Mom and Dad’s house.  The whole (local) family came over and some close family friends too.  We relaxed and enjoyed a yummy feast!

Easter Dinner 13

Later on Kylie started to color and the rest of us girls flocked to the crayons and had way too much fun!

Easter 13 Coloring

After Easter Jamie came home with us for a week of fun! We went for a walk almost every day and out to dinner almost every night.  On Tuesday she went to SF with me for a tour of USF law school.  But first we met Joe for lunch and then had a little treat!

Cupcakes SFJamie and I SFBay Bridge

USF was so awesome! It even made Jamie and Joe want to go there Smile 

Throughout the week we went shopping, we played bocce ball and Jamie drove the car! She even went to work with me one day.  It was a busy and fun week.  We ended it yesterday with a visit with Great Grandma in Roseville. 

The family all drove up and met again, two weekends in a row! It was so special to visit with her- can you believe she is 97?!

Cousins at Great Grandma'sAll of Great Grandma's girlsGreat Grandma's girls

She LOVED the boys, such a flirt!

Joe Chris and GGMe and GG KissMe and GGMe Jen and GG

Great Grandma had a great day and was talking and dancing. She just adored Kylie! All day Kylie treated us to her piano skills and we soaked it up.  What a talented little one!

Kylie GG Piano

Such a lovely memory!

Now as I type the Giants World Series ring ceremony is on TV. I have CHILLS!  We are going to our first game of the season tomorrow night (woo hoo!).

I’m sure I will blog about it!




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