The Story of Us- 10 years!

Good Morning!

Today Joseph and I celebrate our 10 year anniversary! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, JOSEPH!!

Although we are not married, we have been through a lot and I feel it is appropriate to reminisce on a day like today!

Since it is such a long story I broke it up into two parts:


10 years ago we were in High School (Juniors), and 16 years old.  We were babies!  I met Joe in English class and the first thing I thought when I saw him was “Who is that cute boy and why don’t I know him?!”  He sat in front of me and over the next couple of months I learned a little bit about him, like his name and who some of his friends were in class.

We had a mutual friend named Ron that I started probing for information.  Ron said to me many times “Joe isn’t dating anyone and isn’t looking for a relationship”.  I refused to believe that because I knew he didn’t say anything to Joe, it was just his way of keeping his friends single and able to go out unattached.

The first time we had a conversation between the two of us could not have been more public.  I was giving a presentation on Marilyn Monroe and he raised his hand and asked me to sing the Happy Birthday song in my best Marilyn voice.  I was so embarrassed! What a little brat!!

After the new semester started all anyone could talk about was prom and we had many conversations about it.  Every day I would ask him if he found a date yet and every day he would say no.  On several occasions he opened his mouth to say something and didn’t, and I knew he wanted to ask me but was too shy.

One day, during a pep rally I was late coming back from my ROP class and arrived after all of the students were sitting in the stands of the football stadium.  As I looked for my friends I saw Ron and he yelled for me to sit with him.  I did not notice Joseph sitting behind him until I got up there. I must have turned super red when I saw him.

Joe didn’t waste any time, he asked me if I could go to the movies that night (it was a Friday).  I immediately said yes and then realized that I had a swim meet in Los Banos, which was the furthest school we travelled too.  He said that was still ok and we could go afterward.  After all, he had a soccer tournament the next morning and we were young, who needs sleep?

As soon as the rally was over I went to the bathroom and called my Mom! I was SO EXCITED.  I had been talking about Joseph to my Mom and Jen for months and they knew I liked him a lot.  Of course she said yes.

The rest of the day was a blur because I was so nervous and was trying so hard to figure out how we were going to coordinate the date as neither of us had a drivers license. Ron decided to pick me up and take me to Joe’s then to pick up his date before we went to the movies. The problem was, Ron and I lived about 20 minutes away from Joe and his date, in another town, so we had to book it to Manteca.

When I got home from the swim meet I showered as quickly as possible and borrowed a shirt from my neighbor Yvonne.  I had wet hair when Ron got there!  (My Mom made Jen and our friend Nikita hide in the truck bed to write down his license plate numbers and I didn’t know until their heads popped up when we left!! LOL)

When we finally picked Joe up we went to the movies and Ron dropped us off because we were late. He was going to pick up his date and meet us in there after about 10 minutes.

Side story- that day I asked what we were going to see and Joe said not to worry he will find a good one.  When we got to the theatre I found out that movie was Basic. A military movie with John Travolta and Samuel L Jackson.

Basic (2003) Poster

No wonder I had not heard of it and he knew I wouldn’t know what it was. So his little 16 year old brain decided to make some fun out of the situation.  We walked in late and they kept talking about a character that we didn’t know -since we were late, and we made a little bet about it. I should have known he knew the cast of the movie and he set himself up to win, but I didn’t figure that out until the next day! He won himself a kiss and I was clearly upset about it- j/k!

After the movie ended we realized that Ron and his date never showed up.  We thought he might have sat somewhere else in the theatre but he was nowhere to be found.  At this point I tried to call him but my phone died due to me not being able to charge it after school!

Keep in mind we were 16, it was 2003 and I just got my first phone for my birthday. Joe didn’t have one of his own yet.  So we waited for about 30 minutes and called Ron from the pay phone but he still didn’t answer. 15 minutes later we knew we would have to do something since we were stranded, it was midnight and Joe had his tournament the next day.  We knew we were in trouble too.  Midnight was our curfew that night, YIKES!  Since my parents lived further away, Joe called his Dad and woke him up.  He was not happy that he had to pick us up, let alone that he had to drive me ALL THE WAY HOME, that was 40 extra minutes for them.

We were silent on the ride, believe me!  But before we left Ron pulled up, just as Joe’s Dad did. I was going to ride with Ron because he lived by me but Joe said no, he was pissed at him and HE could get me home.

The next night after the tournament Joe called me and we talked for hours.  We decided that we were a couple and that we would go to prom together. AWWW how cute!

I remember the looks girls gave me on Monday when they saw us holding hands.  I can’t tell you how many girls came up to me saying they wish they were dating him and that they liked him. I was shocked- why on Earth would you tell that to a girl?? I would NEVER tell a girl that I like her boyfriend.  Plus, I had no idea he was so popular- I never heard of him before that!

So we dated until High School ended and decided not to break up when we left for college. Joe went to Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo and I went to FIDM in San Francisco.  They were 3 1/2 hours away from each other.  I cried like a baby when we said goodbye.  Wasn’t this how High School relationships ended? He did not have a car either, so that made things a little difficult.

We didn’t see each other for almost 3 months when I went to visit for the first time.  We were so excited and it seemed like we both grew up since the last time we saw each other.  That was the longest we ever went without visiting each other.  He would take the train or I would drive down to SLO.


Prom 2003- Not the official photo but one of the ones from my old backyard.

Joe and I at Eu Sports Awards

Sports Awards at East Union

EU Grad

Baccalaureate 2004

Joe and I Pismo 05

Pismo 2004

Joe and I Pismo 06

Pismo 2005

Us at the P

Amanda and Joe at the P

At the “P” 2005- Cal Poly

Halloween 2005

Halloween 2005

Joe and IJoe and I shooting

Shooting at the ranch 2006

Joe and I at the Sharks game 07

Sharks Game 2007

Us at the Westmont Apt

Laura 095

Pismo 2008

Mexico Cruise 09

Mexico 2009

Q: How did you meet your husband/wife or current love?

Stay tuned for PART 2, later today!




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