Projects, Projects, Projects

Good Morning Early Birds!

I woke up bright dark and early at the lovely hour of 4:30am and have not been tired since.  I know that will kick me in the butt around 4:00 this afternoon!

I have a lot on my mind and thought I could share it with you. Maybe it will help me to get going.  Just thinking of this stuff give me heartburn!

First and always prevalent is my homework.  I have 3 more books to read and 6 papers to write by the middle of May. YIKES!

I totally thought my classes would interest me a bit more this semester but so far I have been bored by them.  I guess you could call it senioritis.  This is what I have been looking at for the last 3 hours while on Pinterest:

The Life We Were Given

Doesn’t that look like a must read? NOT! I do like the topic, but the last book was so sad that I have been putting this off for a week now.

Project #2- I have been on Pinterest for a reason, believe it or not!  The second project on my mind, or should I say the first as I am avoiding my reading for now, is making my Mom a Life/Medical Binder for her diabetes.

It is a project I tasked myself with in the hospital a few weeks ago and I feel badly for not getting it done immediately.  My goal is to bring it with me on Easter.  I will post pics and progress so you can make one for yourself or a loved one with a serious illness.  Heck, you can just make it to keep track of your medical history!

I have seen so many creative family and life binders too, with things like budgets, to do lists, recipes, exercise info, and SO MUCH more.  I think it is a great idea for families, especially with children.

Click here to see more on my Organize It Pinterest board where I have pinned some of them!

If any of you have any tips or ideas please send them my way! Either by commenting here, on my Facebook page, or via email!

Other projects on my mind: finishing a wreath that I started a while back, and starting a new one for the summer.  Also crafting some cards on my Cricket for birthdays and other various happenings coming up soon!

On top of all that, my schedule is heavily on mind.  Even though I keep a weekly planner and write it all down, I still loop it through my thoughts every 30 seconds.  Not only due dates for homework, but holidays, sporting events, weddings, visits with family and friends, and law school admissions decision dates. (Oh yeah and a little thing called OUR 10th ANNIVERSARY next Thursday!) You know I have had his gift wrapped for weeks, lol!

Phew, I am tired of thinking of it all (but not tired enough to go back to bed, unfortunately!)

On the agenda for today, Joe and I plan on walking over to the fairgrounds to see a classic car show and then he is going to watch some March Madness while I do homework.  I will probably go get some supplies for the binder too, as that seems 100 times more fun than reading that book!

Enjoy your weekend!




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