Fun February

Do you still remember me? I’m a slacker!

I have had a super busy month, and I am hoping life calms down for the next few weeks before it all starts up again.  Although I have had the best time!

As you remember it started out busy with school and the LSAT. Then last weekend we went fishing with our friends Brian and Ashley in Carmel.  The weather was gorgeous and I caught some fish! ALL BY MYSELF! Usually Joe will handle the line and the bait and cast for me.  Not this time, I did it all by myself!  Joe did cast for me when we were all really close together though, unless I casted first because I didn’t want to cross anyone’s line or hook them in the head, lol!


Joe and I fishing

Joe fishing

Me fishing


That night Joe and I stayed in Monterey after having dinner with Ashley and Brian.

Later that week we all met up again to see a concert in SF.  We saw Coheed and Cambria, which is a rock band that we have loved for years.  I didn’t take any pics in the venue because it was hectic, but the Warfield is beautiful! Here is one of the girls at drinks before-

Ashely and I before Coheed

Then on Friday Joe and I worked before we headed down to Cole’s house for our fun filled LA weekend.  We had such a great time! On Saturday we went to Huntington Beach to see Dan Patrick and the Danettes. Joe got a picture with each of them (except McLovin who was not there).  He was so happy and Cole and I had fun watching it all.

Joe and DP

Photo bomber!!!

Then we went to Roscoe’s for lunch, which is ALWAYS delicious. Later that night some of Cole’s friends came over for the UFC fights, including our friend Jen from SLO! She lives there now too, and it was so nice to reunite!


Diana, Jen and Cole

Jen, Diana and I

The next day we had a relaxing time watching Daytona and having breakfast.  I took a nap before dinner because we were due in Hollywood before 3:00 am to line up for Live with Kelly and Michael.  For dinner we went to an awesome sushi restaurant with Cole and Jen before coming home to watch the Oscars and vote on them (I won for the first time!). It has been a tradition with Cole for the three of us to vote between ourselves for big award shows, and it was great to continue this year.

Joe and I dinner San Dimas

We went to bed around 11 and got up by 1:30! Once there, we were in line from 2:30 to 5:30 until we were let into the Dobly Theatre, which is where the Oscars were the night before.

Dolby Theatre

It was so beautiful! We couldn’t take pics of the broadcast though.  It was really neat to see the show taping process and Kelly and Michael are so cute! They really are good friends and are hilarious too.  The guests were Christophe Waltz and a fashion panel on Carson Cresley, Maria Menudos and another guy.  We were hoping for more but it was ok, then the Jabawakis perfomed too! The lines on the way out were crazy so we walked back to the car instead of taking the shuttle again.

We were on the road home by 7:30 and after stopping several times and running errands in Pleasanton, we were home by 3:00.  In bed by 6:00 and loved every minute of sleep!

It’s back to the grind today and business as usual for the rest of the week.  This weekend I have a girls night on Friday and the weekend with Joe’s mom and my family too.  I can’t complain though, I am loving February!




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