Ash Wednesday/Lent

Good Morning and Happy Ash Wednesday!


Did everyone enjoy their Fat Tuesday?  I know I did, although it was unintentional.  I left work a bit late yesterday and had to rush to school leaving me no time to get lunch.  I had some cookies in my bag and that is what I ate.  After class I was developing a pretty blinding headache and knew it was because I needed to eat.  As luck would have it, I left class late as well and ended up get McDonalds- it was the closest thing besides A&W and In & Out, which had a huge line.  I felt gross afterward but my headache calmed down so I could drive the hour+ home.

Today the plan is to go to work, go to church, and run a few errands before making fudge and doing homework.  Later tonight Joe and I have to go to Sport Chalet to get things for our fishing trip this weekend!  We have been looking forward to it for a while now and couldn’t be more excited!



Lent is upon us and as a Catholic I am participating.  Even if you aren’t Catholic, I encourage you to do something extra or give something up for the next 40 days, it is for such a good reason and you always feel a sense of accomplishment afterward. 

Most people can’t stick to a very strict regimen, so I would advise you to choose something attainable but something that makes a difference in your life.  For example, don’t give up coffee if you only drink it once or twice a week.  It should be something that will challenge you.  On the other hand, don’t give up everything “bad” you eat, that is too hard and will set you up to fail.

I usually try to give up some sort of sweets or swearing or in one case, eating ice.  This year I plan to do something instead of giving something up.  Not only do I plan to go to church EVERY Sunday, but I vow to be active 5 days a week.  Joe has said he will try to be active with me, as much as he can with work.

Another idea I have is to post each week what lent is about and to try and share my faith with you all a bit more.

***PS this is not meant to box anyone out, become a place of ridicule, or to impose any values on anyone.  My attempts are to help me in my own journey and to give you all something to read and a way to connect to me!

Question:  What are you doing for Lent?





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