LSAT Recap

As expected, I took the LSAT again yesterday.  Can you say drained??!

It went pretty well for the most part.  I was happy to get the bonus section in my strongest category but I’m pretty sure I stunk up the first section.  I didn’t feel nervous until she handed me the test and all of my nerves rushed in. I had to try really hard to concentrate but I think I bombed it.  The remaining 4 sections seemed pretty good anyway.

The biggest issue were the proctors! They walked in and out of the room the whole time, talked to each other and really loudly and overall sucked it up.  She gave us MAYBE 20 seconds between sections and messed up the 5 minute reminders.

Now that it is all over I can fully concentrate on my homework except for the fact that NONE of my books are here.  I ordered one from Barnes and Noble online and I haven’t received it yet even though it says it shipped 9 days ago.  WOW.

Today started off pretty good.  I slept like a baby after such a long day yesterday so Joe and I went to Peets coffee and grabbed some breakfast as well.  I got a green tea latte and when he tasted it he said it tasted like “fish tank”. It almost ruined it for me, but I really like green tea so I got over it!

Later today we are going to see Top Gun in IMAX 3D with some friends, pretty excited about it!


Hope you enjoy your Sunday!




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