Superbowl Weekend

It’s Wednesday already? I had high hopes of getting this done before now, but I have been a busy little bee!

Last weekend Joe and I went on a little adventure to Valley Springs and Clements to visit my family and go to a Superbowl party.

When we arrived at my parent’s house on Saturday my Mom had a big pot of chili cooking and it smelled AMAZING!  We visited for a few hours before digging in, it was delicious!


We hung around and played with the animals, they are super cute!


That is my Daddy with Mr. Chow (our cat from our last house that went to my parent’s house when we moved).  They like each other!


Here is Mr. Chow and Gizmo on the back fence looking at us while we checked out the new gate and repairs that my Dad made when the fence fell a few weeks ago.  It is so funny to see him up there because he was so scared of everything when we got him! He LOVES living there!


Isn’t Stewart getting big? His head seems more dog than puppy now, if that makes any sense!


Later that night the sunset was gorgeous and we continued to chill out and Jamie curled my hair while Dad and Joseph watched hockey and the pregame Superbowl coverage.






She did such a cute job! It was just for fun because she LOVES to curl her friend’s hair and has been asking me forever to do mine.  We finally found the time and Joe thought it looked like a poodle. LOL I would have curled them looser if we were going somewhere but after sleeping on it I was able to wear loose curls all day Sunday! That is a miracle as my hair notoriously does not take a curl!

The next morning we woke up early and had breakfast consisting of pancakes, sausage, hash browns and fruit.





I also prepared some meatballs for the party later that day! They were so simple and yummy!



When we arrived we went shooting (clays) until the game was ready to start.  We had so much fun! I hit 4 targets baby! I only shot at 8-10 so I was happy as I haven’t went shooting in years!


Look at that stud!



We watched the game, ate like pigs, and played with the babies- 3 of them!  Here are a couple cute ones of Jack Jack!

photo 1




At the end of the night we drove home and passed out.  It was fun and we are looking forward to a month of fun weekends!  On the agenda:

LSAT, Amanda B’s birthday party, fishing trip in Carmel, Coheed concert, and more!

Stay tuned for some more better late than never posts from this girl as I am also back in school and working!




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