Supercross Oakland 2013

Last Saturday my Sisters, Dad and I went to Supercross in Oakland.  It has become a tradition for us over the last few years to get tickets from Jen for Christmas (thanks, Jen!).

We have been going all of our lives, and as many of you know we ride as well.  We have also been to Motocross several times too.

Supercross Jamie Jen and I

Saturday was so much fun, except for losing my phone!  We went early and got into the pits- the place where all of the riders park their trucks and sign autographs in between practice rides.  As soon as we walked in James Stewart rode right by us!! Jamie was so excited.  We walked around and Jamie took a bunch of pictures of all the riders.  On our way out Malcom Stewart rode by us and I panicked and threw up a peace sign in his face.  LOL what was I thinking??  Jamie and I figured we looked like this:

Supercross Jamie and I peace

The races were so good but the dirt was very soft and there were crashes everywhere.  In between heats Jamie and I ate nachos and took pictures and Jen had licorice and we all chatted up a storm!

Supercross Jamie and I 2

Supercross Jamie and I funny face

We took the cutest picture on my phone with all four of us and I didn’t know I lost it until I got home Sad smile I thought I put it in my bag but I guess I missed it. I called lost and found and they did not get any phones turned in so I got a replacement. I am using it now but it must be a refurbished phone because the volume button keeps sticking and I can’t turn it up! ANNOYING!

Supercross track 13

The last picture is the view from our seats, which was awesome! We were in the perfect section for Kevin Windham’s introduction jump (which I totally called before hand!).  Windham retired a couple weeks ago and I was disappointed to think we couldn’t see him one last time- he has been around forever!  We saw him in the pits and I predicted that he would come out for the introductions.  They introduce the points leaders with music, strobe lights, and pyrotechnics.  They usually ride a lap around and wave but Windham always does a gnarly jump off of a burm somewhere.  After we sat down I pointed out the exact location Windham would jump if he were to come out and boom- I was so right!!

Even though I ended the night upset, I had a great day.  We can’t wait to go again next year and maybe Joe will come with us!  Maybe Hangtown in May?




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