Skating and Football and Tequila, oh my!

What a long and wonderful weekend to report!  Clearly it’s Wednesday but the fun just didn’t stop!

Let me take you back to Friday night.  Joe and I were on our way to dinner and I received a call from MY NEW BOSS!  I got the job and was completely surprised because I didn’t expect a call until this Thursday or Friday.  So we celebrated with some fun drinks.  I think I said “I’m just so shocked” about 10,000 times during dinner.

Me dinner and drink

Joe dinner and drink

We had a full weekend planned and wanted to get some rest so after watching a movie we headed to bed at a decent time, like we old people seem to be doing A LOT lately. 

Saturday proved to be just an all around good day.  We started out with a nice jog and after we came home we made a Starbucks trip.  Usually we take it with us where ever we are going but sat down outside and enjoyed our coffee and breakfast sandwiches.  After going home and getting ready we headed out to the outlets to meet Joe’s Mom, Uncle and Aunt.  I found a couple of great deals and we all took our time leisurely shopping around.  When it was time to go, Joe and I headed over to Lowes and Bev Mo on our way to Manteca. 

We went to our friend’s Tyson and Rachel’s house to hang out and play games.  Rachel’s sister Rebecca, her husband Steve and their girls were there too, along with Jack Jack and our friend Anna’s baby Cooper!  We all hung out and were entertained by the kids mostly, which we LOVED!  At the end of the night we played a game of Disney Apples to Apples before heading home.  It was such a fun and relaxing night!

On Sunday we had a slow morning. We went to the grocery store and did a little laundry.  After the first football game my Aunt and Uncle came over with Kylie to watch the late game and have dinner.  They brought over THE BEST pot stickers in the world.  Kylie was spending the night so I could hang out with her on Monday!  After my Aunt and Uncle left we played Headbandz and Go Fish before watching a little Big Bang Theory.  As a special treat we FaceTimed Jamie, Kylie’s favorite person ever!  At bedtime Kylie and I cuddled up to watch Beauty and the Beast (my favorite Disney movie) before we passed out. 

Kylie and Joe

Kylie and Jamie facetime

We had a full and fun day on Monday!  We woke up and had cereal before crafting together!  Afterward we snacked on some grapes and oranges and headed out the park in my neighborhood.  We played there for a while and walked around the area before driving to another park that Kylie called “the best park in the world!”.  It had two playgrounds, a basketball quart, and sand volleyball pit and TONS of grass.  We played and played and played before going to lunch.  After lunch we got some frozen yogurt as a treat while we decided what to do the for rest of the day.  At first we thought about going to Chuck E Cheese but ultimately decided on going ice skating! 

Kylie with breakfast

Kylie and I craft supplies

Kylie at the park

Kylie frozen yogurt

We had the best. time. ever.  She is a fast little one!  We skated for a little over 2 hours and had fun telling people to pipe down every time they ran into us.  We made up a game and also laughed our selves silly.  On the way home we went to Starbucks for some hot chocolate where Kylie noted that we “walked in like Rockstars” to which I replied “yes, yes we did!”. 

Kylie ice skating 2

Kylie ice skating 1

Kylie and I ice skating

Some of the things she said just CRACKED ME UP!  Here are some good ones.

Kylie: Did you know my Mom and Dad were born before the 80s?

Me: I did know that, so were my Mom and Dad.  Did you know that Joe and I were born in 1986 and Jen was born in 1988?

Kylie: No! Wow, that’s cool!

Kylie: (hands me a dime while we are brushing our teeth in the morning) Here is payment for watching me today!

Me: Do you want to go to Chuck E Cheese or ice skating?

Kylie: Well, I’ve never been to Chuck E Cheese and really have no interest in going there.

Me: Wow, you are a little speedy thing!

Kylie: You should tell Joe that.

Kylie: When are you and Joe going to get married?

Me: I’m not sure.

Kylie: Well I’m going to have to have a talk with him. He needs to give you a ring!

Me: You go ahead and talk to him!

Kylie: You go to church? I didn’t know that! What is your Pastor’s name?

Kylie: Tell Jen Jen that I made her bed just for her, and put her stuffed animals in the perfect spot.  Oh and tell her that her blanket is the most comfy blanket in the whole world.

Kylie: Did you know that the F bomb is the mother supreme banana of all bad words?

Kylie: My Grandpa rode dirty all the way to the grocery store once, he didn’t even put on his seatbelt!

There were so many other funny moments, it just kept me laughing all day long!  After Joe came home we dropped Kylie off at home and went to Barnes and Noble.  They were having a killer sale but I didn’t buy a single book, I was a good girl.

Yesterday I headed out to Turlock to handle my financial aid situation and when I came home I was TIRED! I chilled out for a few hours until Joe came home and we went to his eye doctor appointment.  I ran a few errands and came back to wait.  He was in there for over two hours because the doctor had an emergency appointment.  I was so bored waiting in the car.  I should have brought a book but didn’t anticipate having so much time to burn!

Today is my first day of work! I am super excited and will let you know how it goes.

Q: How was your weekend?




3 thoughts on “Skating and Football and Tequila, oh my!

  1. Good luck today, Amanda!! Awesome blog…I think I might even print it out for Kylie’s baby book! Love you xoxo

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