Valentines Crafts

Today my house got a little Valentines Day love! 

I have not put out all of my décor, but I did make a quick candy candle and some simple bunting.

vday 13 candy candle

I added some conversation hearts, just like I did with the candy corn on Halloween! (PS my shelf isn’t dirty it is just old and cheap so it has scratches and they look like dust!)

The bunting came together with help from my wonderful Christmas gift, my beloved Cricut!  I cut out the letters to LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED on several valentines day scrapbook papers and cut some plain white cardstock squares as background.  I did not cut the squares perfectly because I like a little homemade look!

Vday 13 Cricut sheet

vday 13 bunting letters

vday 13 bunting before

I used a trusty glue stick to place the letters on the squares and then simply used sewing thread in red.  I taped it to the back and hung it up!  Probably the most simple bunting ever, it’s not very fancy but it’s cute! 

TIP: Tape toward the top of the letter or it will flip over!


It’s not an ideal picture because I have a chandelier perfectly in the way and I can’t get a picture head-on.  Sorry!!

If you have the time or the fabric, you can then glue those squares onto large triangle pieces of paper or burlap.

I just realized that I meant to say ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE, but oh well!

As for the rest of my night? Some LSAT studying and hanging out with the LOVE of my life!



PS… This post was added to a linky party on The Kurtz Corner!


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