How do you like it?

Good Morning and TGIF!

That saying only works for me right now because I like to have Joseph home with me on the weekends!  I will probably do more work this weekend than the last couple of days anyway Sad smile

The week has really turned around for me!  Yesterday was such a good day, and I have high hopes for today and the rest of the weekend as well. 

I had a great interview yesterday but actually started my day off shopping.  Who wouldn’t want to do that?! I got something at Michael’s that I will share with you on an upcoming craft project.  I then went the Marshall’s to find a new pair of slacks and had such a successful time of it.  I actually found four pairs that fit great, isn’t it just how it goes? I only need one right now!! Three of them needed to be hemmed so I went with the other so that I could wear them to my interview.

Interview pants

Interview outfit

That was one of my possible outfits- I did choose the shirt.  The picture was after I got home and tried a bunch of stuff on. No fear, I had pretty hair, makeup and jewelry!

After I came home from the interview I was tired and hungry so I fueled up and went for a not so quick three miles.  I actually hurt my leg on Monday, not sure how, so it was pretty sore and I stretched the crap out of it afterward.  It has felt fine until now!  I think I will do some more stretches and maybe take an Advil.  It feels like muscle but almost to where my leg attaches to my torso.  I don’t remember that ever hurting before!

When Joe came home we ate dinner and went on a spur of the moment movie date! We saw Zero Dark Thirty, it was AWESOME. We really enjoyed it and will watch it again as soon as it comes out on Blu Ray. 

Our only complaint was the rude couple sitting next to us.  They loudly talked the WHOLE TIME in Chinese.  Joe shushed them 5 times before I VERY LOUDLY shushed them.  I was thisclose to walking over there and letting ghetto Amanda out.  They were lucky I had such a great day.

This morning I was reading one of my favorite blogs and the discussion was about how you drink your coffee.  Her readers are mostly healthy living bloggers and many of them drink the same kind of coffee and it got me thinking about you!

I have my coffee with creamer, usually peppermint, French vanilla, or hazelnut.  When I am feeling fancy I froth my creamer or milk with brown sugar! A trick I learned from my fancy friend Beth!

I also started to think about eggs! I like my eggs to be over medium with bread to dip them in.  I know that is not the healthiest way!  I also love hard boiled eggs and will take scrambled just fine. 

Q: How do you like your coffee and eggs?




Give me your thoughts!

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