Life’s ups and downs

The last two days have been so tumultuous.  Let me explain…

Yesterday morning I decided to check my CSU email account for any updates on my upcoming classes.  Instead I found a nice little email from Financial Aid letting me know that I have reached a strange unit maximum that triggers a system in which I am not longer qualified for FA.  Confused? 

Apparently if you pass 150 units you have to appeal to the FA office in order to continue with your schooling.  The maximum amount allowed is 180.  I have 163 and last semester I only took 9 units so I should have been told this months ago.  Luckily I am only taking 2 classes and will not be surpassing the 180 unit marker before graduating in May.  What a close call- or so I thought. 

At that point I checked out the FA website and found out that if I am under 180 I can continue with classes and this is a warning.  I wasn’t quite sure that seemed right after looking at the email and seeing:


So I decided to email FA and my advisor for help.  My advisor thought I could get around it since the deadline to appeal is February 8th and I should have been told a long time ago.  A few hours went by and I couldn’t wait for a response from FA and just called them. I was told by a girl who works in the office- but not an official FA counselor- that I could appeal and would not have an issue. That was good news until she told me that if I have less than 6 units I will not qualify AT ALL for aid.  I asked if I could just add another class and then get it and she said that if it isn’t required by my major then it doesn’t count for aid and I would still get nothing.  She told me to call back tomorrow and talk to a real counselor who can give me a better idea of what is going on. 

I was so upset.  That is a couple grand that I just don’t have, especially since I already accepted my grants and loans.  On top of all that, the due date for payments other than FA was on January 9th.  (They sent the email on January 11th) ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I was worried that I couldn’t get the money and even if I did I might get dropped from my classes for paying late.

The only place that I have any money saved is an IRA from my previous 401k.  I have more than enough to cover it but I just don’t want to take the penalty and use my retirement money.  I called the bank and got all of my bases covered and decided not to do anything until I talked to the counselor.

By the end of the night I was just exhausted from all that stress.  Hasn’t it been hard enough to get here??? If you don’t know my story you can see it here.  I just wanted to crawl into bed.

This morning I called back and talked to the counselor who told me that she was right.  However, there is something I can do about it as long as my advisor and my other professor are willing to help me out.  Thankfully my advisor is on board and I am awaiting response from my other professor, I anticipate a yes.  It still involves me going through the appeals process but it is looking so much better. PHEW!! Now I don’t have to take money out of my IRA (hopefully!).

Another good thing that came out of today? I think I may have a job interview later this week!  Again, hopefully but it looks good!!

This is how I think my life looks right now:


Keep your fingers crossed for me, I need optimism right now!




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