The Bachelor: Week 2

Hey ya’ll! I know you were excited to watch The Bachelor last night like I was!

It’s only week 2 but I am already sucked in and have begun to like certain girls.  My favorite moment on last night’s show was when Sean pranked Desiree.  She seems to be such a sweetheart and they have the best chemistry so far. 



Did any of you think Amanda was just plain rude and Tiara was a little bit of a brat? That was our consensus.  I am also a little confused by Kacie because her personality just seems different to me.  I may not like her as much for Sean Sad smile

Anyway, we also thought Sarah had a cute date and the height of that drop made me super nervous!! I almost couldn’t watch it- is that normal?!

Hopefully Kacie gets a one on one date next week and maybe Lesley too?

Q: Who is your favorite for week 2?




Give me your thoughts!

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