Run for your life- or just for fun!

Call it coincidence, call it strange- call it what you want to call it. 

On Friday January 11. 2013 I logged into Map My Run for the first time since January 11, 2012. Weird much?  I was curious to see how long my walks have been and to see the already mapped runs in P town.  It was nice to see that I have been doing about 3 miles and now I can start running it (well maybe not the uphill muddy part) to train for my 5k and half marathon plans!!

Some of my girlfriends and I are planning on running a 5k in March and I am hell bent on doing a half this year.  In March we are doing the Gnarly Neon 5k– which is pretty much the color run but it goes to different towns and has a more desirable date and price for our group.


Tell me that doesn’t look fun!

For some of you, training for a 5k is something to laugh at, but for this girl it is real. I would like to actually run and not walk the whole time or at least have the option of running. 

As for the half marathon, I have high hopes for the Divas Half Marathon in San Francisco!  It is before the hot summer months begin and I am hoping my friend Rachel is as down with this as I am!

Vail Half Marathon


Not only do we get to wear tutus (or anything we want to wear), but we get tiaras and feathered boas. There is also a dance party afterward! I think it will be incredibly fun and give us something to focus on instead of just running.  It is in May and that gives us enough time to work out!  If anyone is interested I have a training schedule from my previous half marathon training. 

Q: Have you ever ran in a race? What was your favorite and why?




2 thoughts on “Run for your life- or just for fun!

    • You can do it! Even kids and elderly people do that one because so many people walk! It’s a friendly environment and you can ease into it!

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