Grocery business

Goooood Morning!

I have little to report today, I have been pretty boring!

Yesterday my best friend Noel came to visit! It was amazing to see her as she has been living on the East Coast for the past SIX YEARS! I have seen her periodically but she is temporarily back to train for a new position in the Coast Guard.  We went to lunch and took a nice walk and chatted each other’s ears off- per usual!

Afterward I went grocery shopping and tried a new place, Sprouts Farmers Market. I have only been there once when I was in a bread “emergency” for dinner, lol! I didn’t get a chance to look around and shop.  I probably would not have went back if it weren’t for the weekly ad in the mailbox. I looked at some of their prices and I was instantly curious.  Turns out, I love it there and they have very decent prices- on produce and bulk bins anyway.  Their other goods, such as cereal is a tad over priced.  I did notice their huge selection of vitamins and the like- very good to know!

Ever since I decided to eat better I have been on the hunt for Chia seeds.  Safeway has some, but only a large container that sells for $10! I have never had them and have been reading about the benefits, but did not feel right buying them without ever trying them.  Sprouts has so many bulk bins and they of course had some Chia seeds! According to Chia seeds reduce food cravings, help you feel full faster, reduce your blood pressure, are high in Omega 3s, and are great for diabetics because they slow the body’s conversion to sugar.  I need to tell my Mom!!

This morning I sprinkled some over my Greek yogurt and strawberries.  They have little to no taste and I really liked the texture- not very noticeable.

Yogurt breakfast 1-11-13

I have also been in the market for some whey protein powder.  I am not an avid exerciser or anything, but I love smoothies and like a protein powder to make them more worth my while.  ANDREI- any tips?  Do you have a favorite brand that I should try?  I want to get one that is not just for women- so Joseph can have some too!

After I came home I studied some more for the quickly approaching LSAT. I am determined to kick my last score’s butt!!  It is the hardest test I have ever taken and want to feel confident with my score before applying.  Talk about stress- sheesh!

Anyway, today I will do a little more studying and probably go for a walk/jog.  I think I am going to make a crock pot dinner, so that will be easy and I might even organize the disaster aka my desk.

Q: What is your favorite protein powder? If you don’t use any, what is the hardest test you have ever taken?




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