It’s still a new year!

Good Morning and Happy New Year- again!

It is only 10 days in, have you forgotten about your resolutions?  If you missed my resolution post you can find it here.

So far I’m doing great!  I have been studying and have confidence that I will do better this time on the LSAT.  Joe and I have had some really great communication on the whole marriage/engagement front and my heart feels much more at ease, and I have begun to make plans to run a 5k and a half marathon with some friends! I have even started to run/jog a bit.

Today I watched a video about New Years Resolutions that I just have to share with you.

If you ever saw the white board commercials on TV and were just as enamored as I was, you will surely appreciate this video.

Don’t give up on yourself, every day is the best day to start a new resolution.  If you missed a day, brush it off and start over.  Give yourself a break, nothing is easy but you have to try to get it done.

Q: How are you doing on your resolutions? If you didn’t make any, how are you doing anyway?




Give me your thoughts!

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