The Bachelor- Sean Lowe

Let’s take a moment to talk about The Bachelor…

Last night was the premier of the new season with Sean Lowe from Emily’s season.  Jen and I could hardly contain ourselves while watching.

Is it just me, or are they looking for more crazy this year? I feel like the limos came straight from the funny farm and maybe told some of them that they were going to prom, or getting married!

This girl was 50 shades of crazy, and I am so glad she went home, hot mess.

Taryn…Jen and I agree that the ONLY reason she stayed was because they did not talk and he couldn’t see the cry face.

This girl (Tierra) was adorable, so glad he gave her a rose immediately. We thought she was just a little too immature for him in her introduction video, but we will see how it goes.

We also thought Des had a great introduction, and her dress…so cute!

Super weird and drunk, but maybe will be normal next week? I have a sneaking suspicion that she will be here for a while. Poor Lindsay.

Prom much?

Our favorite thing of the night…..Kacie B!! For some reason she is not on any of the preview trailers and she doesn’t have a bio on the ABC Bachelor website yet.  I am not too happy about that!! That makes me think it might not last, and we love Kacie.

Kacie B gets the first one-on-one date. She and Ben chopper off to the deserted island of San Blas. The only things present are sand, coconut trees and the happy couple. Thankfully, Kacie packed a few essentials including a corkscrew and some candy. Hey, at least they're set for dessert! Ben brought a machete, fishing net and matches. The first part of this date is all about teamwork and survival. Let's just say these two survive because they make for a very good team.The once-stranded couple returns to civilization for a romantic nighttime dinner. The conversation takes a turn for the serious as Kacie opens up to Ben. She tells him about the eating disorder when she was in high school. Kacie doesn't like to talk about this part of her life, but she believes it helped make her a stronger person. It also makes Ben like her even more. That's why she gets a rose.

So far my favs are Kacie, Tierra, Sarah, Desiree, and I can’t tell if I love or hate Lindsay and Lesley. Right now if I had to pick the winner, I would say Lesley…only because the ones that I have bad feelings about usually win.

Q: Who are your favorites? Do you have a pick for the winner?



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