Resetting yourself

How often do you take the time to spend a day for yourself?

Yesterday I did just that, and it was wonderful. I often do things that I like to do, but rarely spend a whole day to do things for me and not really worry about anyone else. It’s like pressing a reset button and should be done more often!

I woke up fully rested and spent the first couple of hours relaxed while I made breakfast and messed around on the computer.

At noon I took myself to church for the Epiphany service, it felt so great to be there.  I learned a couple of things that I would like to share with you lovely people!

During the homily, the priest talked about all of the people who come late, leave early and complain that they get nothing from Mass. I know so many people like that, and I often think it is what you make it. It’s a commitment and instead of standing there and blindly listening, reading and talking about it will help make the experience more personal and informative.  Without RCIA I’m not sure I would have learned to go to church the “correct” way, meaning being present and inquisitive.  The priest said that all God wants is your precious time, he wants you to be there and to learn something.  He said something else that struck a chord with me, “don’t leave here as simple as you were before”.  What a wonderful way of looking at it.  You can’t pretend that you are the same because you came, saw, learned, and evolved.  That can be applied to any situation. An Aha moment if I’ve ever had one!

Afterward I browsed around the grocery store for a few things and came home and made some ham wraps (still doing the healthy thing, and Joe likes most all of the recipes I have tried!!).  Not long afterward I went for a walk/jog/hike. Confused? I mostly walked, but felt the urge to jog/run a few different times, and there was a section that was strictly hiking for this girl.

Hiking trail

Walking trail


It was crispy outside which was great for the jogging portion of my little adventure.  I also listened to The Lumineers Pandora station, which was the perfect backdrop for the weather.  Usually I don’t listen to anything on a run but when I walk it’s different.  When I started to jog I remembered why.  I always want to go with the beat and that hinders me. When I got home I made a delicious banana and peanut butter smoothie while Joe and I enjoyed some playoff football. 

I rounded out the night with a fiesta lime chicken salad and watched J. Edgar with my Joseph.  It was not what we thought it would be, but I thought it was a great movie.  I think Joe was a bit confused with the direction it took, but liked it too.

Today I plan on studying, going for another walk, and seeing Joe early because he has a dentist appointment.  Then I hope I get some reading in and maybe work on a craft that I can’t wait to share with you!

Q: What would you do on your “me day”?




One thought on “Resetting yourself

  1. Did the same thing yesterday! It was raining outside, so I made lots of tea, read, and watched Doctor Who. It was so peaceful. Much needed day after a crazy week. The trail you took looks so pretty!

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