A good day with great friends!

Yesterday was a day well spent!  Our good friends Rachel and Tyson came over with their adorable little one, Jack Jack!  The boys watched football and the girls hit the new Livermore outlets.

Jen, Rachel, and I shopped for a few hours and came home with some great deals! Rachel got a nice jacket from Volcom that was on sale from $99 to $10- can you believe that?? We all thought it was a mistake, but it was just a really good deal. She also got two pairs of jeans for her husband for $24, and if you have ever shopped at Volcom you know that’s a steal.  I brought home this little gem:

Fox Sweatshirt

I am so excited to have found it for only $20! It is a vintage style Fox sweatshirt that reminds me and Jen of an old shirt that my Dad used to have.  When I was 7 my Grandma found the shirt in the attic and I wore it ALL the time.  It is also perfect for Supercross this month, I’m so excited!!

After we came back the girls played the Friends trivia game and Rumikub while the boys finished watching football, and we all played with Jack Jack.

Jack Jack 1-5

Jack Jack 1-5 2

Isn’t he the cutest? He learned to say Joe Joe yesterday, it melted our hearts! Rachel sent us the cutest video of him waking up this morning still saying it!

We had a really fun day, it was so nice to catch up!

On another note- who else is excited for the Bachelor to premier tomorrow?

Q: Which was your favorite season of the Bachelor or Bachelorette?




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