Clean or dirty?

How do you prefer to eat, clean or dirty?

For the past several months I have been investigating the whole “eating clean” thing. Aside from doing to standard Google research, I follow several “healthy living” blogs in which I see on a daily basis the progress that people make from eating healthy and clean.  A few of my favorites are:

If you aren’t sure what “clean eating” is, basically it is eating foods that are natural to the earth like fruits and veggies in combination with lean meats, eggs and better for you carbohydrates and fats.  I am so not a professional, in fact I just decided a few days ago to give it a try.


My mission is to be healthy.  I’m not trying to be drastic or try a fad diet; this is not a diet, it’s a choice to eat better overall.  I’m tired of feeling crappy after a meal and want to feel full and satisfied without feeling guilty or gross afterward. 

If you don’t know me, I am not a professional in food or exercise. I am just a regular person who is tired of being tired.  This is not my attempt at a New Years resolution either. I haven’t joined a gym, and probably will not. 

With that said, I am hoping this blog will help me to keep my motivation and get some tips and advice on being healthier.  Along the way I will share things that I learn and hopefully change my view on food.

I am a HUGE food lover, and this is going to be a challenge.  I am looking to eat good food that is also good for you.

Wish me luck, I will need it!

Q: Do you eat clean? Why or why not?




4 thoughts on “Clean or dirty?

  1. Have been eating whole foods since (gulp) before the 80s when my mom would send me to school with sprout-stuffed-whole-wheat-pita-pockets. No-one wants to trade their pb&j or ham-n-cheese for that! – But now I am ever thankful for the gift of healthy eating she gave me… even when I’m eating a peanut-butter cup!

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