The little things

I realize that my previous post was a bit of a rant, sorry guys! I had a moment, but thanks to this wonderful outlet, I can let it go and GET OVER IT!

While I was out running errands today I was thinking about the things that make me happy in life.  There are a few obvious things, like spending time with Joseph, my family and friends, cooking, going to church, and crafting, but you already know that!  There are some little things that make me smile and put joy into my day.

Things like:

  • Reading “fun” books- aka not text books. Especially from a library or used book store
  • Drinking coffee- or waking up to freshly brewed coffee
  • New socks
  • Getting my hair cut or colored
  • Clean sheets
  • Getting cards in the mail- aka not bills
  • Getting a pedicure
  • New nail polish
  • New face wash or shampoo
  • Getting a comment on my blog!
  • Fresh flowers on the table
  • Wearing an apron
  • Lighting candles
  • Hiking
  • Playing with dogs- I miss Stewart!
  • Taking a nice relaxing bath
  • Talking!

All of these things make my day better, and there are a thousand more.  I can even make a list of some of the little things that Joseph does that makes me happy!

  • Saying goodbye to me every morning before work
  • When he smiles at me- whether we are driving, walking, watching TV, or anything else
  • I love it that he eats the end of the French bread, every time!
  • He saves the last of everything for me, the last cookie or the last piece of pizza Smile
  • He plays songs in the car that he knows I like
  • He remembers every little thing that annoys me and tortures me with it- because he loves me
  • He always gets me candy when he sees my favorite at the gas station
  • When he brings home flowers
  • He lets me visit every new Target that we drive by- even if we don’t need to go!
  • He always reminds me to do the fun things in life- and not always be so serious

I could write a whole series about Joseph!

Enjoy the little things

Q: What are the little things that make you happy?




6 thoughts on “The little things

  1. love your blog in particular this posting !

    I love it that every time i wake up before my wife and look at her when she wakes up she gives me the biggest smile ever

    i love it when my wife puts her arms around me !

    an ice cold can of coke on the hottest day of summer when your really thirsty , yes that’s a good one !!!!!

    my wife’s smell



  2. This just makes me smile – thanks for the day brightener!

    This reminds me of the book 1,000 Gifts – have you read it? About a woman who wrote down 1,000 small things she was thankful for over a year. Pretty amazing!

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