Wine Bottle Crafts!

Hello there!

Continuing on my with my craft posting, I thought I would share with you all why I needed so many wine bottles this year!

I asked my family and friends to collect bottles for me so that I could craft something for Christmas, them not know what it was or who it was for.

I still have some bottles left over, including some uniquely shaped ones, and I still have so many ideas, so expect more posts like this in the future!

I made 4 different styles of wine bottles, let’s start with the basics.

I did some Pinterest research to get some ideas and went from there. 

I decided that I would group them into threes and began by taking off the labels.

Wine bottle before  Wine and Goo Gone

Wine bottle after goo gone

Some of the labels were bastards and I found that using a hair dryer to warm up the labels really helps them peal off.  If you are planning on doing this, I would try to stay away from bottles with clear plastic labels, they suck!

I then put the bottles together to make sure the sizes were varied because I like a height difference.  Then I spray painted them. (Again, use gloves if you want to protect that manicure!) I painted all of my bottles at the same time- both wine and Starbucks glasses.

Spray paints Painted fingers

Painted wine bottles

I also painted one for myself with chalkboard paint!

Chalk bottle

I will be making a few more of those, even if I leave it blank, I love the texture.

With the silver bottles, I bought two kinds of paint. One was a metallic silver and the other was more sparkly.

Silver bottle

The sparkly one dripped really easily, and was very hard to see on clear glass bottles.  I recommend using the dark glass so that you can see the paint, but don’t mix the two in a group because the tint is different as the paint is very translucent.  I kind of like the dripped look on the silver, it looks like oil to me. I still LOVE the sparkle and kept one for myself.

With the metallic silver I used a hemp rope, tacky glue, and scissors, then chose two styles.

Hemp Rope

Tacky glue

Wine hemp ingredients

It is as easy at it looks, and tacky glue is AMAZING!

Glue bottle neck

Hemp bottle tops finished

Hemp bottle middles done

The next variety is a snow covered bottle! These would look so cute with some snow around the bottle on your table or where ever it is displayed. I used the white bottles, Epsom salt, and adhesive spray.

Epson Salt and Spray Adhesive

I simply put a bag on the surface (outside because it is smelly and SUPER sticky), then sprayed the glue and sprinkled the salt. Simple Simon.

Snow bottles

HINT: Don’t spray the neck if you don’t want to use it because it will stay sticky, and also, don’t spray too close because the paint will chip if too wet.

There you have it, wine bottle crafts! As you can see, these do not have to be Christmas specific, the snow bottles can be for winter use, and the others all year long.

Stay tuned for a random craft post as I round out my holiday craft series!




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