Holiday madness

Good Morning everyone!

I hope each one of you had a fabulous Christmas (if you celebrate), and I hope you were all lucky enough to spend it with your loved ones.  Joseph and I were blessed with 4 Christmas celebrations this year!

We began on Saturday night, at my Aunt and Uncle’s house.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, living closer to them has been one of the best perks of our move!  Joe and I headed over for dinner to exchange gifts as this is his family’s year.  It was such a nice and relaxed evening. We had comfort food, sipped some wine, and opened gifts.

Before dinner we had a special performance by the very talented Kylie as well:

Kylie’s Christmas Performance

Auntie K chili  Auntie K corn casserole

The chili was PERFECT, and I didn’t copy the recipe but no fear, I will get it! They also made Joe’s favorite corn casserole. I do have that recipe and can post it later if you would like! Just let me know!

Kylie adoring Joseph  Kylie and Joseph laughing

After we opened gifts, Kylie and Joseph spent some quality bonding time. They are the cutest!

My Aunt sent me a picture the next day of Kylie playing the game we got her, I’m so glad she liked it!

Kylie playing headbanz

The next morning we were up and at ‘em and on our way to Ripon to visit Joe’s Mom.  We had a lovely breakfast of eggs, linguicia, and papo secos (bread).  We watched the Raiders game and looked at old pictures, it was so nice to continue our relaxed Christmas theme!

Baby Joseph's 1st Christmas

Look at baby Joseph’s first Christmas! What a cutie he was! Check out the old TV in the background, cracks me up!

Joseph and I at Laura's house

Joseph and Laura

Laura and I

Laura's tree

Isn’t her tree pretty? Her theme this year was pink, and even though the lighting isn’t great here, she nailed it.  There is just something about being at Mom’s house that makes Christmas seem real.

The next day (Christmas Eve), we went to Joe’s grandma’s house per tradition.  For some reason, this year seemed to be the best for everyone there.  Nobody was sick, and everyone was nice and calm.  We were greeted with a delicious brunch of an egg and linguicia scramble, yams, and more papo secos!  Shortly afterward I met some of my girlfriends for lunch/brunch, while some of the family went to Bass Pro Shops for a Santa picture and others stayed home and chilled out. 

Later that night we sat down for a delicious meal complete with crab, shrimp, prime rib, potatoes, salad, and of course more bread. 


Grandma R adult table

Grandma R kids table


Adults eating

David and Stacey

Kids eating

We are forever at the kids table!

Afterward we watched a little Christmas Story before opening gifts and spending some time visiting.

Joseph with Amanda and Melissa

Later that night we headed up to my parent’s house so that we could wake up and have Christmas with them.

For once we all awoke around the same time and opened our stockings together. That has NEVER happened! The kids always get up early and open stockings before Mom and Dad come down stairs!  I failed at taking pictures and this was all I captured:

Mom's tree christmas morning

Joseph and I with our stockings

After opening our gifts we ate a scrumptious breakfast of french toast, sausage, and my Mom’s famous potato casserole.  After we all got showered and ready, Joseph and I headed out to Petaluma for Christmas at his other Grandparent’s house while my family went to my Grandma’s house. I missed my family this year, but my Aunt sent me a picture of my gift to my Grandma, already displayed!

Grandma C JOY

Made my day! 

Once in Petaluma, we spent the bulk of the day visiting and eating!  I just love it there, it always feels like home.  We enjoyed yet another delicious meal of crab, roast, corn, salad, rice, and bread.

Mrs. L dinner buffet

Mrs. L bread baskets

Christmas crab

Christmas dinner plate

TT, Hailey and Ashley

Joseph and David

Later that night Joe’s Uncle treated the kids to a movie, another fun tradition that we have! This year we saw the Hobbit, even though a couple of us have already seen it. It was better the second time around!

Yesterday morning we headed home to put our new table together (thanks Mom and Dad!), and play with my new Cricut!! (Thanks Joseph!)


I had to post a pic on Facebook while we were headed to Petaluma because I couldn’t contain my excitement!

We also watched Lord of the Rings and filled Joseph’s new tool box!

It’s back to normal today in the Eckowitz/Rocha residence. Joseph is at work, Jen is still at my parent’s house, and I have a long list of to-dos.

Q: What was your favorite part of the holiday’s this year?



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