Recycled Starbucks crafts

Let the craft posts begin! I have had the hardest time waiting to post these things!

The first project that I want to share with you is made from recycled Starbucks Frappuccino glasses. My sister Jamie saved so many for me, thanks Jamie!!

Starbucks clear bottles

In the picture above I had taken the labels off and they were waiting to be washed.  After they were cleaned with Goo Gone of course!

The glasses can be used in so many ways! Just search for them on Pinterest. That is where I got my (p)inspiration! This is the picture I saw that sparked my idea:

That was pinned from Kindness Matters.

I also saw this one:

That was from Mandi being Crafty.

So here is what I did-

I gathered my spray paints-

Spray paints

Then I set up a little cardboard spray station in my garage and got to painting. I used one coat for most of the bottles, I touched up two of them later because they chipped. I would recommend using gloves during this process as you have to move the bottles and this is what happens:

Painted fingers

If that does happen to you, Vaseline is a great trick to get the paint off!

The bottles will come out nice and shiny unless you buy the matte paint, and I LOVE the shine! PS- Do you see the oddly shaped bottle below? That is not for the same project, I will post about that later on!

Painted starbucks bottles

I brought the bottles upstairs later that night because I have an open garage and didn’t want to take any chances. Even if the sides are dry, the bottom may not be, so don’t ruin your floor or table!

The next day I picked from my Christmas scrapbook paper collection to find the pattern that would match each color perfectly.  I then played around with fonts in word and printed the letters for JOY and FAITH. I cut them out and used them as templates to make three different JOY’s and one FAITH. (This would have taken no time if I had a Cricut, but I don’t Sad smile)

JOY letters

Though I did not take a picture of the FAITH letters, I used a sparkly sticker paper, I don’t recommend it. The stickers don’t stay on the bottle well and are difficult to Mod Podge like the scrapbook paper.  So I used super glue on the corners and Mod Podged the rest of the JOY’s using the Antique Matte finish.

Green Joy Mod Podge  Red Joy Mod Podge

I put two coats on top just to be safe.  Then I used the cute hay strings to tie around the neck. WHAT ARE THOSE CALLED AGAIN?? Afterward I filled them with glittery floral sticks from the craft store!

FAITH Bottles

JOY green

JOY red

JOY multicolored

Please ignore the craft disaster in the background! I was doing several projects at once! They are also even but for whatever reason I didn’t line them up nicely for the pictures, in my defense it was late and I was tired!

These bottles can be used for any holiday and for any day décor, it is up to your creative mind! If you wanted to keep the lids, you could paint them and put a piece of fabric underneath to stick out like little jelly jars! (See I have so many ideas- just email me and I will plan it for ya!)

Stay tuned for some more craft posts this week!




One thought on “Recycled Starbucks crafts

  1. very pretty job you did, love the idea I have like 50 bottles under my sink now i have lots of ideas of what to do with them lol
    thank u for sharing

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