Year in review- 2012

Good Morning!

As December continues to fly by I am left thinking about my year.  I am working on my New Years Resolutions list for you all as well. More on that later Smile

2012 has been a long year for Joseph and I and this post is my attempt at a “family newsletter”.

We began the year in Stockton, at the country house we were renting with our friend Brian. Joe was working in Turlock and I was working at the grocery store in Escalon and going to school in Turlock. 

In February we bought a new car! It was the first time either of us had bought a car from a dealership (even though it was used), and the first car we bought with shared ownership! It’s a 2010 Ford Focus just so everyone knows.

In May we made our first trip back to SLO since moving in December of 2009. We were so happy to be “home” and realized exactly how much we missed it. We made another trip back in August.

Pismo Saturday

Joe worked the graveyard shift for the first 6 months of the year before getting a new job in SF, doing what he set out to do…engineering.  Around the same time our lease was coming to an end and we were asked to move to Manteca and house sit for Joe’s grandparents while they spent 2 months in the Azores.

We were happy to do so, as we would not have to pay rent, and Joe would be at least 20 minutes closer to SF and at the time it seemed to be an incentive.  Soon after moving we learned that my sister Jennifer had gotten a new job in SF as well.  We decided to move in together and found a place to call home in Pleasanton.

Living Room Before

(That pic is right after we moved in!)

I had to leave my job when we moved, and it was sad but I was happy to be in the Bay Area again. 

One of the best things about living here is the proximity to my Aunt and Uncle (and cousin Kylie!). We are about 20 minutes away and have been able to see each other so much more often!

Kylie and Amanda Lemos Farm

During the year we enjoyed going to many Giants games, including the NL West clincher and one the playoff games!

Joe and I NL West clincher

We also become Raiders season ticket holders this year, something Joe has wanted forever.

Raiders game 2

We hope to keep that tradition until we can no longer make it to games in our old age!

There were many other fun memories over the year, some of which can be seen in this post.

Stay tuned for my New Years Resolutions for 2013!

Q: What was something that you did in 2012 that you would put in a family newsletter?




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