Pray for those in Newton Connecticut

I have a heavy heart today as I write to you about the tragedy in Connecticut yesterday.  My sister and I watched in horror as the news broke of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The sadness is felt around the country and I am sure around the world.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the families who lost loved ones and to the people of Newton, Connecticut. The teachers, first responders, police, fire, parents and others were all heroes yesterday. 

Please join me in lighting a candle for those innocent lives lost and for those who have to live with the unimaginable pain.

candles lit for CT

This is a harsh reminder that we can not guarantee the future and to live our lives to the fullest, and with great love.




One thought on “Pray for those in Newton Connecticut

  1. I am praying for all the survivors for they are the one who will carry the memory of this tragedy. I did a couple of post on this because I happen to work for the school board and I hope it will not happen here or any where. Thank you.

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