Chocolate Peanut Candy Clusters

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I have finally began to bake for the holiday! I made two batches of fudge this past week and today I made some candy.

These are all hits for my family and Joe’s as well. The fudge has been a tradition with my Mom ever since I could remember. When I was in grade school I began to help her with it and I remember making it by myself as early as junior high. Of course my Mom was there but she was usually baking something else or taking care of the girls.  I still like to make it with her every year, and I make my own as well. She usually makes several batches to give away as gifts along with sugar cookies and sometimes she makes the Hershey’s kiss cookies too.

I will post the fudge recipe later this week when I make another batch and take some pictures.

Today I want to share a recipe for Chocolate Peanut Candy Clusters that my mom’s neighbor Mary gave to us years ago.  I have made it for several years and once in a while my Mom will too. Joe’s grandpa LOVES it and the best part? CROCK POT BABY!

It takes three hours in the crock pot, but total prep and set time, probably 10 minutes.

Chocolate peanut candy

Mary's candy

mary's candy in crock pot



mary's candy in tin

Q: What is your favorite holiday treat?




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