Book Club?

A few days ago I asked my friends on Facebook for book ideas. Although I have not yet went to get a new book, I am looking forward to reading some of the suggestions.  It occurred to me today that I will have plenty of time to read until next fall (that is if I get into law school).  I almost started a book club group on Facebook so that I could invite my friends to join, then I decided I would try it out on here instead!

I have this neat feature called a comment section that people could use to leave their thoughts and opinions!

FYI-That was me asking you all to comment and let me know if you would want to participate in this adventure!

If you would like to, this is how it would work.  I will choose three books and create a survey and you can vote for them. We could do a new book every month, or every two weeks, or every two months. IT IS UP TO YOU!

At the end I will post my thoughts on the book in the form of a review and you all would comment on it and we will have us a little discussion!

So LEAVE A COMMENT and tell me what you think! Give me your suggestions and if you guys want to do it, we will start it soon!





One thought on “Book Club?

  1. This sounds like fun to me! I think every month a new book or every other month depending how long the book is . Can’t wait for ur first pick

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